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No. 109170
  It seems people like to make Boxxy Parody videos.
>> No. 109171
  Some girls are really good at making a Boxxy Parody video.
>> No. 109172
  And some girls are not very good.
>> No. 109173
  Blond Boxxy
>> No. 109184
  It might not be the best idea to make a Boxxy Parody video if you are tired of being called Boxxy.
>> No. 109193
  PhoneIAm tries to bring Boxxy back in her own friendly way.
>> No. 109195
  Jynxie made a Boxxy Parody video.
>> No. 109200
  This is funny.
>> No. 109201
  Peter does Boxxy.
>> No. 109203
> you look nothing like her!
> you cnuts are so jellous
> how dare you!
I remember when I dreamed of a world filled with Boxxies, where being similar to Boxxy in any way was a good thing.
I never agreed with other boxxyfans about the attacks on Boxxy "parodies" (I prefer the word "homage").
>> No. 109207
The plural for Boxxy is "Boxxy's".
>> No. 109208
Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...
>> No. 109239
  She has an interesting question.
>> No. 109240
  This is a Boxxy imitation by a smiling girl.
>> No. 109241
  She has pretty eyes.
>> No. 109242
  This girl is funny.

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