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File 140635633715.jpg - (104.37KB , 640x480 , IMG_1264.jpg )
109113 No. 109113
Hello Catie, my name is Mckenzie and I am a huge fan! I love you when yourself though not Boxxy. I love Catie, but Boxxy is always getting in the way of Catie. Catie is just as funny and just as beautiful without all the make-up! Boxxy is a lesser version of Catie. I think Catie should stop hiding herself. I know people like Boxxy more and Catie knows that, but who cares who they want you to be just be yourself because your better that way. Ignore those nasty comments and be the real you CATIE NOT BOXXY! I am a huge fan and hoping you will email me back! You are very funny and beautiful CATIE and I really love your videos where you are being your normal self! Love you forever please write me back. Thanks!
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>> No. 109117
File 140654859662.png - (249.72KB , 1100x670 , Boxxy-IsNotHot-2.png )
My long considered theory:

Boxxy always thought she was homely, so she hung around with the homely kids. When it became obvious that she was actually beautiful, the homelies got jealous, and likely ridiculed her for being beautiful. She then, out of some kind of twisted feeling of shame, tried to ugly herself up again in order to "save face".

Very unfortunate.

BTW... this thread belongs in "c"
>> No. 109119
>Boxxy always thought she was homely
I remember she posted on Gaia that she thought she was average. I think that would still be underrating herself, but I don't think she ever really considered herslf ugly. And most of her friends aren't that bad either.

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