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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 140548401446.jpg - (50.64KB , 298x596 , coming-soon-pic.jpg )
109101 No. 109101
"coming 2016"
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>> No. 109104
File 140555563698.jpg - (13.47KB , 360x361 , bait 1.jpg )
>> No. 109105
Is this still a thing?
>> No. 109106
File 140560636452.png - (61.39KB , 517x329 , srsly.png )
yes, it is a thing.


They are not giving up and I seriously hope these guys accomplish their dream so we can move on to bigger better things.
>> No. 109108
File 140561938811.gif - (1.94MB , 310x325 , LkWVIX9.gif )
I see a flop

There's not much of an audience outside YouTube
>> No. 109118
No. This guy is either delusional, or a con man playing an angle. I remember at one point Tay Zonday was supposed to be in this, but when the YouTubers React to Boxxy video came out, Tay had no idea who Boxxy was, even though they were supposed to be in a movie together.

And that's a big part of the problem with this idea. The memes don't seem to know who the other memes are. I'm a person who is a huge fan of an internet meme, posts on her site, and I haven't heard of half these people. In order to really get a handle on this subject matter, you need to be a 4chan regular, or a regular to know your meme.

This would probably be a nice idea for a webseries, but this is supposed to be a big A list mass audience popcorn movie. It's crazy.

This reminds me of this story


Catie's going to be in better movies than this, but this isn't even a movie. It's just bullshit. She knows the situation better than I do, but at this point, knowing what I do, I'd stay away.

>>Untitled Rick Roll Sequel (20??)
>> No. 109127
File 140687529711.png - (421.37KB , 778x459 , snapshot1.png )
>>So I did some googling about Andrew Fischer, the producer of Rick Roll. His biggest credit previous to this is playing "Officer 1" in Ulterior motives" a movie that I couldn't find in Google (I gave up after 6 pages) Most of his other credits are for appearance as "himself" on several news shows around January 2005, for his major claim to fame, which is selling off advertising space on his forehead. Yep he's the Forehead Guy!

Catie's probably already written this off, but there's no reason for her to publicy say so. It could always come back to life, and even acting in a terrible movie could be valuble experience and exposure. If the Forehead guy's movie flops nobody's going to blame her, but right now, shes got something better going with discovery networks.
>> No. 109129
that ain't no forehead that's a fivehead

Legit size for an ad

Nobody's probably going to watch this movie, and even so, it's a documentary so Catie will be playing herself in an

>action fantasy feature film starring an ensemble cast of viral video stars


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