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File 14039398719.gif - (2.00MB , 215x332 , 1403939162340.gif )
109062 No. 109062
I am a huge fan of boxxy and Caitie, I was just starting to use 4chan when the great divide happened. I have only just found out that Caitie is making videos and OMG.. She is just such a beautiful person XD. Keep it up Caitie!
>> No. 109063
I was a couple years late too, I fell in love with her personality. Right when I finished watching all of her videos the great hiatus happened and I was heartbroken. Seeing her on other channels is a decent alternative to ANH, so it's alright.

Welcome to the chan
>> No. 109065
Welcome aboard. It's never too late to start following Catie.
>> No. 109067
Also realizing that it's been a year since that gif happened. Gah Vidcon

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