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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 140365739366.gif - (340.21KB , 288x192 , 140204553730.gif )
109030 No. 109030
what would be the best way to contact or get in touch with Boxxy/catie?
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>> No. 109032
get a gold account.
>> No. 109034
If it's important PM her or send her an e-mail. If you just want to talk to her wait until Friday. She usually comes here or the forum.
>> No. 109042
I'd like to think Catie reads the posts here even though she doesn't reply

amirite catie

plz respond
>> No. 109043
What is her email?
>> No. 109046
>> No. 109053
Business inquiries only*
>> No. 109055
Thanks ya'll
>> No. 109057
O.O there's a gold account? Wait I was just b8'ed wasn't i
>> No. 109060
File 140387876116.png - (62.67KB , 303x319 , 1376619475923.png )
>not having a gold account
Boxxy is disappointed in you.
>> No. 109073
Well sheit how do I fix dis?
>> No. 109075
File 140442590877.gif - (159.71KB , 318x200 , trollin'.gif )
It's easy, just post your full name, credit card no., pin no., and expiry date as a message and you'll automatically be charged $10 for the year.

Also, welcome to the internet.
>> No. 109079
Easier than I though thanks fanon

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