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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 140319979883.jpg - (31.50KB , 250x223 , travtim.jpg )
109022 No. 109022
http://web.archive.org/web/20110718152433/http://www.youtube.com/ you can click on it
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>> No. 109026
>Brittani Taylor
>old vsauce

>> No. 109027
File 140362728418.png - (156.93KB , 959x665 , 1.png )
>> No. 109031
Who was the second channel she was subscribed to
>> No. 109033
BaratsAndBereta is on the left.
TheSlickMachine is on the right.
>> No. 109035


Why was Catie even subscribed to this guy? If this is the same person(I think it is because he uses the same logo in the beginning of his videos), then she was subscribed to him before he had uploaded any videos. On his channel the first video uploaded was Oct. 2009.
>> No. 109038
Maybe he deleted or made private his older vids?
Also keep in mind that by in late january her account had already been hacked by the CBCR so they altered things a bit: they deleted her profile pic and the "you have no queen, perhaps your queen is Cracky but that's it".
>> No. 109039

>Maybe he deleted or made private his older vids?
I guess that's a possibility.

>Also keep in mind that by in late january her account had already been hacked by the CBCR so they altered things a bit
Yeah, but why would her hackers even sub to someone with no videos?

>"you have no queen, perhaps your queen is Cracky but that's it".
I thought Catie was the one who posted that?
>> No. 109044
Slick and previously posted videos in relation to boxxy around the time he was hacked. Right before boxxy came back in 2010 he deleted all his boxxy related videos because people were hounding him about her because they thought he knew her. He used to have review videos too but i guess he deleted those as well. I started following him after I saw his page through the boxxy page.
>> No. 109045

Holy typos. Slick had* previously posted videos, and before *she (boxxy) was hacked, not him.
>> No. 109047
Thanks for the clarification. I guess it's safe to say that it was her hackers that subbed to him?
>> No. 109049
but like... i remember the way youtube used to be...
omg im about to cry
>> No. 109054
I'm not sure. It was so long ago that I don't remember all of the details but I vaguely recall there being some connection and her being aware of him somehow.
>> No. 109056
File 140384478337.png - (24.34KB , 625x401 , Untitled.png )
I found this on her old formspring account.
>> No. 109064
His channel's pretty empty right now. Whatever content it might've had it must've been good if it was right beside BaratsandBereta on her sub box.
>> No. 109066

It looks like he made another account. It's still not that active(the last video was over half a year ago,) but it's been updated more recently than his original channel. I wonder if Catie still follows this guy?
>> No. 109068
Probably not
>> No. 109069
It's mostly lets plays and lewdly titled videos so most likely no

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