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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 140314752994.jpg - (159.98KB , 1920x1200 , image.jpg )
109020 No. 109020
Let's try something new, if you were to make a Boxxy-like character what would his/her name be? And why? I'll start mine would obviously be DeezyDudee, why?
A. My initials irl are D D.
B. Deezy is kind of my nickname among family and close friends.
C. It's like BoxxyBabee you see?
Your turn /b/
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>> No. 109021
cuz its neat
>> No. 109023
Sounds like a depressing character but that's still kewl
>> No. 109028
>> No. 109041
File 140375008340.jpg - (164.64KB , 1252x1252 , P4EaL_H_.jpg )
Me acting like boxxy just makes me cringe

I guess Tommy. sounds like a fun guy name but at the same time he can be crazy
>> No. 109058
Did tommy take a selfie at the dentist? He's cray cray
>> No. 109059
Tommy looks just liek Bo Burnham.
>> No. 109087
My name would be Faggoatsy and I'd be obsessed with a snotty annoying bitch
>> No. 109089
Quality posts as always, son.

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