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File 139863956431.png - (5.34KB , 279x289 , remix.png )
108936 No. 108936
Well, this is my first post. Just wanted to say hi.
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>> No. 108937
crap, hopefully I don't get in trouble because my post wasn't directly Boxxy related. If so, I will say that the image is of a song I am remixing that uses audio clips from the original Boxxy videos.
>> No. 108938
lol we're no nazis

Welcome to the chan. Looking forward to the boxxy remix. Which videos are you sampling from?
>> No. 108939
File 139872963244.jpg - (120.26KB , 920x848 , 128570142636.jpg )
>lol we're no nazis
Speak for yourself ;^)
>> No. 108940
So far just sampling from the first three Boxxy vids. Im just doing the audio so far. Once I get that done ill see if I can do the video and get it to match the song.
>> No. 108947
That seems like the most logical way to go about it. and the first three vids are the best vids to me.
>> No. 108948
a new boxxy remix? awesome.

the whole boxxy remix thing seemed to die out a while ago, im glad people are still doing it.

what program do you use?
>> No. 108989
It's Audacity. A nice program to do some audio stuff
>> No. 109157
How's the progress on this?

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