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File 139676624320.jpg - (344.55KB , 960x1280 , IMG_20140219_220459.jpg )
108881 No. 108881
I'm 39 and sort of remember the hub-ub over Boxxy back then.However, I just now caught up to the whole story and find it totally fascinating and have even used some examples of what can happen,the good and the bad when you put yourself out there online to teach my tween daughter about the internet. Catie is a positive person and that is what shines through.She makes me and more importantly my daughter smile and we laugh together watching all the vids...Thanks,Catie,you are rad...
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>> No. 108882
File 139681809189.png - (278.84KB , 680x382 , 806.png )
I'm like, EVEN OLDER than you are, and this is the most interesting thing in the world, the birth of 21st century culture. And Catie is fascinating to watch because she learns and grows, and gets better and keeps taking on new challenges.
>> No. 108893
pretty fly for a 39 year old white guy
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File 139921112822.png - (10.29KB , 445x431 , 13603326074.png )
>not saging

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