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File 139366352780.jpg - (81.53KB , 866x487 , unnamed 2.jpg )
108719 No. 108719

Catie has been retweeting this thing a lot, so I figured we should have a thread.

Round 1 is over, and last I checked she had 97% of the votes, so I'm going to assume that she will advance to the next round.
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>> No. 108747
Round 2 vs. Lindsey Stirling is now up

Vote: http://www.fanboysanonymous.com/2014/03/dace-error-2014-internet-goddess-award_2.html#.UxVNFfmwJcQ
>> No. 108751
It'll be Catie vs iJustine in the Finals. I don't even see any actual merit in this, but I'll vote the hell out of those polls.
>> No. 108755
File 139398704027.gif - (856.91KB , 345x240 , Victory dance.gif )
>I don't even see any actual merit in this
Same here, no idea what kind of shitty site I'm even voting on. Then again, it doesn't really matter whether she's running for President, or just trying to win a silly little title on an irrelevant website, she'll always have my vote.
>> No. 108764
I only made this thread because Catie has retweeted about this poll several times, and I figured that because this place is so dead we might as well make a thread. I think it will be pretty cool for her to win, and it only takes 5 seconds to vote.
>> No. 108777
>> No. 108779
File 139453780678.png - (1.32MB , 1385x1080 , Thank you.png )
Thanks for posting it here, wouldn't have seen it otherwise. Voted.

Just in case anyone wonders who are left in the competition, but are too lazy to open all the different pages, these are the ongoing quarter finals:

>[Q1] Jessi Smiles vs Lara De Wit
>[Q2] Natalie Tran vs (i)Justine Ezarik
>[Q3] Melonie Mac vs Coleen Ballinger
>[Q4] Taylor Davis vs Catie Wayne

>Tfw the only people I recognize from the top 8 are Catie and iJustine (and I only know the latter from seeing her in some of the "YouTubers Reacts to" videos Catie starred in)
>Tfw I realize that 95% of the channels I subscribe to are created and/or hosted by men
Why are female YouTubers so shit?

This is now also a "Name some female YouTubers that are actually good" thread. No musicians/singers allowed.
>> No. 108780
>> No. 108781
brizzy voices
hannah hart
coleen balinger (miranda sings)
grace helbig
mamrie hart

there are a few others that i like, but they are mostly beauty gurus. o:
>> No. 108785
smoukahontas ftw
>> No. 108788
>Tfw the only people I recognize from the top 8 are Catie and iJustine[...]
I facepalmed when I later realized that I've actually been subscribed to Natalie Tran for years. Didn't recognize her IRL name at first though, and didn't bother reading the bio for all in the top 8 either. Her channel is good, well, at least it used to be. I'll have to update myself on Ms. Tran's latest videos later.

Laina is pretty great and all, but at some point I realized that I was following way too many vloggers (which again was way too time consuming) and decided to have a clean-up. As a result, I ditched Laina along with a few others, in favour of Catie and "Beckie0".

Beckie0 is a hilarious and very intelligent young vlogger from the UK in case anyone wonders. There are many similarities between her and Catie (if they knew each other they'd be besties, no doubt), and I love her from the bottom of my heart.

I could probably write a book about how great she is, and why I love everything about her, but I'll much rather let Beckie do the job for me with this short, yet lovely introduction video she made a year ago (see embed video).

>Brizzy Voices
One of the few female YouTubers I actually already subscribe to. Had only seen her Pokémon voice impressions before your VidCon video was released. Luckily I recognized her face in it and paid her channel a visit again, and I've have been subbed ever since. Funny, talented and super cute. Hard not to like.

>Hannah Hart
>Mamrie Hart
>Grace Helbig
Hmm, the "Camp Takota" trio, ey? Remember you mentioning them in a few tweets in the past. Well, after just watching 4-5 random videos from each of the three, I can at least safely say that neither of the Harts are my cup of tea. Grace is okay, but then again a vlogger, which I already have covered by much more unique and awesome people. Not going into detail about what I like/dislike about either though, as this post is already far too long for its own good.

>Coleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings)
Eh...I'm more disturbed than impressed.

As far as I can tell, she has only uploaded 6 videos the past year. I don't subscribe to inactive channels, so meh.

Anyhow, thanks for all the suggestions guys.
Let's keep them coming.
>> No. 108794
File 13946338899.gif - (1.79MB , 250x180 , Taylor vs Catie.gif )
As of right now, Taylor and Catie are still neck and neck, with Catie leading by only a few votes. Hopefully the victory will be secured soon.

Anyhow, back to the secondary topic. I've probably checked out 50-60 of the most commonly recommended female YouTubers in the past two days, and I wasn't exactly blown away with great content. Roughly estimated, a whopping 90% of the channels belonged to vloggers, and the remaining 10% to unfunny comedians. I had expected at least a bit more variation to be honest, and I haven't found a single person worth subscribing to so far.

Well, either:

1) I'm just too picky and demand way too much from a YouTuber

2) The amount of interesting YouTube channels made by female YouTubers is ridiculously low


3) The majority of content made by popular women on YouTube simply doesn't appeal to men

Oh well, I suppose I'll just keep on searching for the hidden gems. Might take a while to locate some though...
>> No. 108796
It looks like Catie pulled ahead a little bit, probably because Catie sent a tweet out. She's now up 64 to 36. Which is still closer than the other polls have been.
Catie is the only Youtuber that I follow.
>> No. 108808

>This is now also a "Name some female YouTubers that are actually good" thread


ChristyOMisty was one of the Greatest. Female. Youtubers. Ever...

That is, until she mysteriously disappeared after feminists threatened to kill her.
>> No. 108810
File 139484180099.jpg - (149.30KB , 1908x1064 , smoukahontas.jpg )
I see potential in her first three big videos, I hope she'll do more.

>Hannah Hart
My Drunk Kitchen is entertaining, I come for the puns and stay for her opinion on things when she's wasted.

OT: She's got this round in the bag
>> No. 108813
b-but that is the topic. Also, the poll is closed.
>> No. 108814
I like this girl
>> No. 108816
File 139489656120.png - (1.05MB , 958x1080 , Worried.png )
Smart, and well-spoken girl, but by the look of it, all the videos she ever made revolved around feminism. Don't get me wrong, it's a very interesting and important topic to talk about, but didn't she ever express her views on other things (religion, politics etc.)? Maybe I suck at Googling, but I can't find anything.
>> No. 108819
Round 4 vs Colleen Ballinger(PsychoSoprano)

>> No. 108822
she's not winning by enough D:
>> No. 108825
no, but she's still winning :D
>> No. 108828
File 139507643947.png - (105.36KB , 1359x798 , Standings at 1700 GMT 17032014.png )
Damn, this is too close...
>> No. 108834
It's all good, she posted a tweet.

And this kind of thing can probably be falsified by using a proxy. But I don't want that so don't even try
>> No. 108836
It's all tied up again. Somebody's been voting for Colleen. Vote faggots.
You don't even need a proxy. Someone could just go into an incognito window, and vote again.
>> No. 108839
File 139519160687.jpg - (73.88KB , 1280x960 , march-madness-2014.jpg )
>It'll be Catie vs iJustine in the finals
dammit they're ruining my prediction, iJustine is at 20%

It's 54 Catie to 46 Colleen, we have 4 days to win

It's March Madness right now
>> No. 108840
march madness lol
>> No. 108842
File 139529043589.png - (13.26KB , 647x249 , Untitled.png )
This is rigged. She had a 25% lead a few hours ago.
>> No. 108843
>Implying the site admin aren't rigging the poll, so they can get more views for their irrelevant website.
>> No. 108845
Let every Boxxy and Catie fan know of this.
disclaimer: it is cheating.
This page is only the poll, so you don't have to wait for the rest of the page to load.
open it in a new incognito or private browsing window. ctrl-shift-p in firefox - ctrl-shift-n in chrome. past the address into the address bar or make it part of the bookmarks toolbar.
Vote. Close the private window. repeat.
By closing the private window, it clears out the cookies that tell the poll you have already voted.
While doing this rapidly, the votes for Colleen have been continuing to count faster than they have for Catie. Catie just dropped down to 45% of votes.
4852 votes have been submitted as of now.
>> No. 108847
File 139534822463.gif - (480.16KB , 500x259 , hilary-duff-life-can-be-so-unfair.gif )
God I'll feel dirty if she won by doing this

But I don't want her to lose either

Why must life be so unfair
>> No. 108849
You shouldn't. She was clearly going to win before trolls started doing this same thing for Colleen. We're just fixing the poll to what it's supposed to be.
>> No. 108850
File 139534905497.png - (4.80KB , 246x136 , Untitled.png )
She's regained the lead btw, but not by much. Keep voting.
>> No. 108851
Back at 50-50
>> No. 108852
File 139536377670.png - (4.40KB , 242x132 , Untitled.png )
She's regained the lead; keep voting.
>> No. 108853
The mere fact that people are learning about her is a victory
>> No. 108855
File 139558982950.png - (4.80KB , 246x156 , finals.png )

> Voting goes up until Monday March 31st

Lara is actually pretty cool, btw.
>> No. 108856
>Lara is actually pretty cool, btw.
Except that she's a cheater,
cheaty mc.cheat cheat

>> No. 108857
File 139560878380.jpg - (10.23KB , 240x153 , Catie Must Win.jpg )
This is too close of a battle for my liking. We must aid our queen.
>> No. 108858

>> No. 108859
I think everyone who is voting already knows who Catie is.

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