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108578 No. 108578
So... This happened.
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>> No. 108586
File 139136918274.jpg - (62.31KB , 600x800 , anewhopeee.jpg )
I don't know why, but, seeing both of them in these pics is kinda heart melting.
>> No. 108588
Yeah, they look absolutely adorable together.
>> No. 108589
holy fucking shit /b/ will lose their minds
>> No. 108590
File 139137691163.png - (386.93KB , 744x1064 , 4chinz.png )
There was quite a stir yesterday. Pic related, even moot himself paid one of the threads a visit.
>> No. 108591
What did he say in it?
>> No. 108592
File 139137719590.png - (655.41KB , 867x1503 , mootmoar.png )
Actually, pic related was what I meant to post. He responded to some guy shaming another guy who didn't even bother to check moot's Twitter before claiming the pictures were fake. Shitty screencap, I know.

Seems like he was pretty excited about finally getting to meet her though, seeing he went to /b/ to lurk threads about the meet-up, lel.
>> No. 108593
When I saw it on Twitter I knew it was going to be on /b/ right that second so I went in a thread. Haha. People are still talking about it, too.
>> No. 108594
also nice file name
>> No. 108600
one of the replies is mine lol
>> No. 108602
File 139140392157.png - (47.73KB , 464x147 , moot (1).png )
The day finally came. I never thought it would happen.
>> No. 108607
File 139143820129.jpg - (48.25KB , 750x600 , boxxy obi wan.jpg )
Catie will tell you she's not a queen, and that's true, but this is exactly the sort of a thing a queen does, building bridges and mending fences by way of the ceremonial photo opportunity.

And she does it so well. I've always hated 4chan, and especially /b/, but I'm going to have to moderate my views now. Many many people will be forced to moderate their views and soften their hearts.
>> No. 108695
Is she Jesus?
>> No. 108718
>> No. 108721
Lend your hand to mind for I am in harmony.
Let your hair decent to your back and smile.
Boxxy the internet for they will laugh and open up.

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