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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 139129000632.png - (69.36KB , 200x200 , ip_bitcointalk.png )
108568 No. 108568

Have you guys seen this yet? I also seen it on BitCoin Talk.

Is this legit?
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>> No. 108569
it's not fair
I was one of the first few people to discover dogecoin but dogecoin wasn't working.

watch this stupid shit get big without it ever working for me either.
>> No. 108571
File 139131030436.png - (7.65KB , 399x176 , boxxycoin_facebook.png )
Catie doesn't approve of them doing this without having asked her permission.
The will probably be taking her face off of it and they are delaying the launch to do that.
bitcoin forum thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=443977.0
>> No. 108572
File 139131058211.png - (18.89KB , 501x294 , boxxycoin_twitter.png )
>> No. 108573
File 139131097313.png - (256.91KB , 640x457 , coinye.png )
They don't want to get sued like what is happening to the Coinye developers.

>> No. 108580
File 139134566928.png - (34.80KB , 524x477 , 139130106562.png )
Yeah I saw this today.
>> No. 108582
Adding to this

Im not really sure how I feel about this anymore.

I didnt know Catie was all about protecting her profits and likeness, I thought Boxxy was free love and everything.

I guess sure the devs should of asked first, but does anyone ever ask when they do Boxxy stuff? I never have asked when I made videos or posted pictures of her.

Is she gonna sue us next?
>> No. 108583
I guess you have to ask you self “am I going to try to make a financial profit off her, her image or her intellectual property”? If yes hopefully she does sue you, stop being lazy and make a living with your own ideas <3
>> No. 108585

If no, I would bet pesos to dollars your fine ;) <3
>> No. 108595
That's really not even what I mean.

I thought she was just a symbol of love and compassion, but I see now that she's just a character turning a profit.

I'm really upset, I guess I thought she wasn't about the money.
>> No. 108596
>Wants to use another person's face and name to give his product a popularity boost
>Complains about said person being a sell-out when she wants nothing to do with his product
So, what else is new?
>> No. 108597
She was never a "symbol of love and compassion," that was something entirely made up by other people, more or less against her wishes. And she's entirely within her rights to want to control her image if she wants. It's not as if she ever open-sourced herself.
>> No. 108601
>I didnt know Catie was all about protecting her profits and likeness,
This has nothing to do with her profits or likeness though. She won't make or lose money off Boxxycoin whether of not it actually comes out, and she has every right to stop others from using her image for profit.
>Is she gonna sue us next?
wut. Posting screencaps of her on the internet, and creating a new currency based off of her are two completely different things.
>> No. 108606
File 139143655586.jpg - (54.26KB , 1920x1080 , 00000019.jpg )

>>I thought she was just a symbol of love and compassion, but I see now that she's just a character turning a profit.

>>I'm really upset, I guess I thought she wasn't about the money.

Are you joking?

What we're talking about is Catie's decision to not have her face literally put on money. Incidentally, it's the kind of money that people use to buy heroin over the internet. How does having her face put on money that is used to buy heroin over the internet in any way secure her status as a symbol of love and compassion? How I think you're looking at this exactly the wrong way.

Like all of us, Catie is about money to the extent that she is about eating food, driving to work, and sleeping in a place that has a roof. Catie might never have returned to internet if she wasn't desperate for money. Before she made new videos, she tried to sell a bag on Ebay, and that was her return to the internet. But she doesn't appear to be wealthy. She doesn't have cable, or a real broadband connection. Last spring, she was riding the bus to work.

To me, Catie has always been about being generous with her likeness, ever since Boxxy talked about how much she loved see her videos remixed by Gastric Penguin, but Catie's likeness isn't just another commercial asset. It's her face. It's her identity. It's HER! I expect her to defend her image from time to time, because I believe she's also about individual human dignity.

>>Is she gonna sue us next?

I don't think she sued the producers of the coin, and I don't think she threatened to sue them. But I think she COULD HAVE sued them if they had gone ahead without her permission. She could sue us if she wanted to, though I think she'd have to issue a takedown order first. I also think that would against her own interests, including her financial interests. But she's always had the right, and this doesn't change any of that.
>> No. 108610
>>She was never a "symbol of love and compassion," that was something entirely made up by other people, more or less against her wishes.

Here it is, in her own words. Instead of "Love and Compassion", I would use the more precise term "Kindness", but that's splitting hairs. I doubt that Boxxy was originally intended as a symbol of anything, but I know that's what she came to mean to me. And being treated so unkindly by so many may have brought catie to a an appreciation of this aspect of Boxxy's appeal.

More than that, I remember being fascinated by the way some of the meanest people on the web, the same people who had been ruining it for everyone for so long, reacted to Boxxy like a vampire might react to a faceful of holy water. For me, that was the beginning.

It was awesome, but of course, it led to using Boxxy as a trolling weapon against the horrible people in /b/ and that had consequences for the girl behind the eyeliner. Luckily, she turned out to be wise, forgiving, courageous Catie Wayne.

This was, I believe, just before FOAR EVERYPONY. Back then, I wondered if Catie was trying to associate MLP as the successor to Boxxy because she was aware that, as an icon of kindness, MLP has the advantage of not being vulnerable to stalking, hacking, doxxing, etc.
>> No. 108643
File 13916528554.png - (255.55KB , 1100x720 , Boxxy-WorthItBecausePayMe.png )
Way to go, Catie. If these guys want to make money off your image, then by all means they should pay you for it.

I do hope you can work out a deal with them, though, because I think would be a great opportunity for you that will not only provide some extra income, but the added exposure will also benefit your career as well. Yet I would insist upon a revamping of the image used to make it more attractive. I don't really care for the cut up image they used here.
>> No. 108645
File 139165395095.jpg - (46.46KB , 660x720 , 135707033026.jpg )

Oh yeah... and no matter what image you decide to let them use, make sure they move that big letter B off to the side so it covers none of your beautiful face. :)

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