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File 139096190671.jpg - (142.39KB , 960x640 , image.jpg )
108515 No. 108515
Anyone have any idea what camera Catie uses?
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>> No. 108518
From the exif data of her photos: HDC-SDT750
>> No. 108520
File 139099863227.png - (22.15KB , 549x144 , snapshot1.png )
I asked her about her movie camera once.
>> No. 108530
I believe the camera was a birthday gift from a fan. Who was it from? Intrepid?
>> No. 108534
This made me LOL out loud!
>> No. 108640
File 139164943894.jpg - (25.73KB , 431x302 , told-you-so-meter1.jpg )

I want everyone here to take special note of this. Just what kind of creep does it take to find this kind of thing so "funny"? Believe me, I would not be at all suprised to find that The Rat was actually the OP of that image, and posted it here for the very purpose of publicly showing his ass by parading his own brand of psychopathy around for all to see with his "LOL out loud" comment.

Hate to say it, but... Pic related.
>> No. 108641
File 139165071054.jpg - (32.45KB , 431x302 , tellme.jpg )
>> No. 108644
>Just what kind of creep does it take to find this kind of thing so "funny"?
What the hell...it's just a funny picture. Apparently you're very easily offended (and paranoid as fuck).
>> No. 108652
File 13916755114.png - (177.10KB , 477x357 , 13068917054.png )
You two are absolutely adorable.
>> No. 108660
we like to think so.


Typical. For all your shrill shrieking overplayed outrage, For all your outlandish unfounded "I wouldn't be surprised' innuendo, you never do get around to explaining what's actually so terrible about me liking the picture. This is an old troll's trick, trying to lure me into responding to a charge that is implied, so I have to work harder, and you don't have to be pinned down.

You were never the sharpest knife in the drawer, but there was a time when you would at least make an effort. I doubt that anyone believes that you really care about this advertising parody all that much.
>> No. 108663

It's neither "funny", nor "just a picture".

It's serious shit, and nothing to laugh at.

Anyone who finds it "funny" is mentally deranged.
>> No. 108665
I'm not taking that bait, Jesus.
>> No. 108673
See what I mean? He posts a video, he doesn't say anything about the picture. Aiming for maximum trollery with minimum effort.

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