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No. 108511

>>Says the cretin who had her original vids removed.

One day in the spring of 2010, I posted several comments in Boxxy's videos urging that, the channel should be taken down, and the next day it was GONE! This caused me to wonder aloud if I had somehow spurred the action, which led to a brief mention of me in ED at the end of a long list of possible reasons why the channel was taken down.

I don't know if I had anything to do with causing it, but, back then, it really had to be done. The three Boxxybabee videos (and two Satisf4ction videos) had been reuploaded all over youtube, so their survival was never in doubt. Catie had let is be known that she didn't want the attention, and she hadn't logged into the channel in over a year. No one was moderating, and the channel comments had become a clearinghouse for death threats and rape threats. I released a video from that period chronicling all the threats and abuse for a period of about 30 hours, and the most memorable was from someone who wanted to inject chlorine bleach into Boxxy's veins. In the meantime, btards had organized one trip to Roseville and were about to start planning another.
>> No. 108531
I believe Boxxybabee was shut down in 2010 because of copyright claims from someone who was pretending to be Catie/Boxxy.
>> No. 108532
Oh, now I remember. Lisa Dawson was her name. Although I don't know if she is the one to blame for Boxxy's channel going down in 2010.
>> No. 108540
Lia Dawson was her name, and that was in 2009, a different occasion.

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