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File 139067695258.png - (294.32KB , 1280x720 , A-Bit-Of-Advice.png )
108504 No. 108504
If you now feel like you don't want to be Boxxy anymore, you still need to keep your head, and keep your OWNERSHIP of her separate and apart from any contract you make with ANYONE. Otherwise, you'll be contractually obligated to "perform" her whenever THEY want you to, in the manner THEY dictate to you, and not when you, or "she" wants to make an appearance. DON'T let ANYONE take ownership of her from you. That includes anyone else playing her part, or any "character", live or animated, based upon her, or plaigerizing her appearance or personality. These things can be accomplished through a case by case "lease" type agreement, that YOU retain the right to extend to any number of buyers, that YOU retain the right to terminate at any time, and that YOU also retain YOUR right to profit from in perpetuity (Think Microsoft). But never, EVER give her up to anyone else. She is pure gold; a precious jewel, and she is YOURS. She belongs to YOU, and ONLY you. NEVER, NEVER, EVER sell her outright - or short. Don't EVER let anyone convince you otherwise. And I need you to trust me on this, no matter how you may feel about me (or her) right now.

And stop listening to that fucking dickhead "Boxxology". No matter what he says or does, or how much he sucks up to you and your mom, he doesn't really give two shits about you. He cares only about getting whatever he can out of you, and that includes your personal participation in his own brand of corruption. Everything else is just window dressing. He's a goddamned operator, and he operates only in his own self interest, and always has. Besides that, he's a certifiable psycho. Don't allow him to manipulate you. If you do, it WILL ultimately hurt you.

How do you know you can trust me, and not him, or anyone like him? Well... for one, because I'll honestly tell you these things right out here in the open, not in "private" chats or "secret" emails, or hiding behind any "Fanonymous" or other misleading nym or deception. For another, it should be obvious to anyone that my motivation to be honest with you by far supercedes any concern I would otherwise have about falling into your disfavor, that is, if I were merely some kind of superficially preening sychophant. I remain quite confident that you will eventually see that my words will bear me out in this, and once you finally come to this realization, you will also realize that nothing I've ever said or done here in your regard was ever meant to insult you, manipulate or hurt you, or gain anything from you, but simply because I love you more than you will ever know.
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>> No. 108508
File 13907156503.jpg - (123.55KB , 1185x740 , lugosi.jpg )
You are too late, Van Helsing!
My blood now flows through her veins.
She will live through the centuries to come,
as I have lived.
>> No. 108509
  >>How do you know you can trust me, and not him, or anyone like him? Well... for one, because I'll honestly tell you these things right out here in the open, not in "private" chats or "secret" emails, or hiding behind any "Fanonymous" or other misleading nym or deception

So your parents named you "Boxxylvr"? What an amazing coincidence!

Look, here's the thing. It's not your motives that are suspect, my friend, it's your grip on reality. You keep talking about this "influence" that I have over Catie, that's ridiculous, and she knows it. Do you think she's going to let me tell her what to do because I'm friends with her mom? Does that seem like any 21 year old who has ever lived on this earth? After months of hard work, I finally managed to make a couple of videos she liked. That's the "extent" of my "influence". Catie keeps her own counsel and it serves her well. Even under her current stresses, she knows what to do, and she's doing the right thing.

You're talking about me removing Catie's videos from youtube. I think I may know how that rumor got started, but it's just a rumor, and it implies that I have influence over youtube, not Catie. Jesus christ, where do I get all this influence? It took three years for me to get a hundred followers on twitter.

If there's an illusion that I'm influencing her, it's because I believe in respecting her decisions, which you do not. When it comes to Catie's life there is only one rule: "It's her life". There are no exceptions. Catie doesn't want to be the queen of the internet, but she knows that she is the queen of Catie. In Loonychan, they call me a Catiebot, because I support her in whatever she does, although I can be critical when expressing my own opinion. But it's her life. No exception.
>> No. 108510
File 139076767765.gif - (1.06MB , 245x180 , 085.gif )

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