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No. 108474
  So i posted this on the video itself but idk if you like read the comments and respond. But in Your first: Making Edible Things you asked if anyone knew how to "fix" watery mushrooms the first method is the one i told you in the comment crush, dry, sprinkle. Well theres a second method: 1: Dont wash the mushrooms... even if they are organic The reason is they're like sponges so they soak up water and if smushing them isnt an option for you dont wash them. 2: even if you dont wash them, cook them in the microwave at half strengh for 2-3 minutes it should stop watering.. ( they might look abit wierd but just let them cool ((not in the fridge)) cut them and you're ready to enjoy some damn good dry mushrooms for your pizza! And btw i saw the way you cut unless you want to enjoy some sliced fingers with your sliced mushroom use you're nails to protect your fingers
>> No. 108475
>Makes a new thread to share a personal reply to a video that was published almost 9 months ago
>Somehow expects Catie to reply back
Okay then.
>> No. 108479
It isn't a big deal. If the chan were busier this would just roll right off the front page sooner.

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