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File 138955943445.png - (40.37KB , 636x468 , VLC Media Player.png )
108417 No. 108417

Here's a quick fix that anyone can use to watch FOAR TOM in all of its glorious Boxxyness.

First of all, if you don't have it already, you need to get the "VLC" media player. It is by far the best media player out there, because it plays virtually any kind of media like a pro, primarily owing to the fact that it comes with its own set of codecs that install right along with the program.

There is even a "portable" edition that can be installed on your pc, mac, or a removable thumb drive that works independently from your operating system. In other words, it does not rely on, or require your main program registry to operate. It also has a smaller footprint in terms of drive space. And that is the version that I use on ALL of my computers. (Pic Related)

Anyway, you can get VLC Portable from "portableapps.com". Oh, and BTW, it's completely free, and contains NO malware or spyware.

Continued in next post...
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>> No. 108418
File 13895596546.png - (42.90KB , 542x393 , VLC Settings For PERFECT Viewing of FOAR TOM.png )
So... once you have VLC, go to the menu bar and select: Tools > Effects and Filters...

Choose the "Video Effects" tab, and set the values exactly the way I have set them here... (Pic Related)

Continued in next post...
>> No. 108419
File 138955997930.png - (39.41KB , 662x432 , VLC Open Media Window.png )
Now... "Close" the Effects window, and go to the main menu bar again.

This time select: Media > Open Network Stream...

You will be presented with this window (Pic Related). Copy and paste the link to FOR TOM in the box displayed... which, as you see in the pic, I have already filled in with the YouTube link to illustrate. Now click "Play".

WAAA-LAAA!!! Instant Boxxy... in all of her glorious Boxxyness, with proper contrast, high resolution, and vivid color!

(The OP pic in the "I Figured Out How To Fix It" thread is a representative screen cap.)

Ermagherd... my Hart... my Hart... my Hart is on RE-Start!!! <3<3<3
>> No. 108424
vlc only plays the 720p version if you do that. It's better to download the 1080p version and watch it in vlc.
>> No. 108425
File 138956490649.jpg - (47.45KB , 668x552 , image.jpg )
No way to do that on iPad or iPhone?
>> No. 108426
File 13895690439.png - (449.09KB , 1280x720 , It\'sEasyPeasy.png )

Search: VLC iphone app

Tons of links
>> No. 108427
File 138958004035.jpg - (41.13KB , 900x599 , pigs-fly-mike-mcglothlen.jpg )
VLC is a great player. I prefer mplayer, which plays all the same stuff, and can run from the command line in Linux, but VLC runs better as a GUI.
>> No. 108428
File 138958171847.jpg - (472.68KB , 3983x2819 , TV Boxxy is best Boxxy.jpg )
To be honest, I find it much easier to just watch videos with i.e. crappy lighting or hue on my TV. That way I can easily adjust everything about the picture/video to the level where it meets my demands.

I couldn't be bothered to take a screenshot, but basically it looks a lot better than pic related in real life. The background is pitch black and the colours look more lively (yet still realistic) than they originally did in the uploaded video.

Nice guide though. And yeah, VLC is great.
>> No. 108429
File 138959348463.png - (597.70KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-01-12-22h03m55s75.png )
VLC is a good player. I also like the lighting in the original video.
>> No. 108430
I did it of course, but those app only work with videos already present in the iOS memory, and I'll not have my computer for a while to download FTFB and put it in my videos. I currently do have only my iPad and iPhone to lurk the Internet
>> No. 108431
  Here, I made it easy so you don't have to adjust anything.
I adjusted the brightness & contrast in a way that removed the black background noise and makes it a bit more vivid.
Plus I put a little something special at the end for the side-by-side comparison.
>> No. 108435
File 138963169351.jpg - (318.57KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )
>>108425 here. Well, thank you very much!
>> No. 108437
File 138963484296.png - (38.68KB , 505x363 , VLC Settings For PERFECT Viewing of FOAR TOM (Wind.png )

Hey. Thanks for that. What software did you use?

I have Magix Movie Maker, but the output always gives me fits... because... hurrr.

Anyway, the VLC idea was only a quick fix. Also, I forgot to mention that the video settings I used above were from a pc running Linux. I tried those settings on one of my Windows machines, and they didn't work until I tweaked them a little, ah-lah pic related.

So yeah, I guess the settings you would use for that all depend on your individual hardware configuation, your OS, and possibly the VLC version you have.


But thanks again for your fix. I'll be sure to check it out.
>> No. 108438

Also... I don't want to tell you your business, but if it were me, I'd donate my views to Boxxybabee.

Just sayin. :)
>> No. 108439

Geese... I just read that back to myself, and heard the voice of GlayDOS in my head saying, "I don't want to tell you your business, but if I were you, I'd leave that thing alone."

Hope it doesn't sticky there for the rest of the day, lol.
>> No. 108442
File 138969461194.png - (29.96KB , 653x450 , sony_tom.png )
Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 12.0 64-bit

And I do feel a little bit guilty for putting up something that might steal views away from Catie; I only do that with videos that I am able to make some kind of improvement to. But I don't and won't ever monetize my youtube account and always make sure to link to Catie's original video to redirect some views to her channel so she gets the adsense money for those at least.
>> No. 108445
Why vlc when mpc?
>> No. 108446

Copy that. And thanks. :)


I never use it. Does it have just as many features?
>> No. 108455
I used vlc before downloading the kawaii codec pack with mpc. Haven't looked back sense. No more of those sketchy artifacts when watching vids. Pretty sure it's about as customizable as vlc.

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