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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 108241
Hope you're glad to see her. (:
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>> No. 108242
Thanks so much based Catie <3
>> No. 108243
File 138930269897.jpg - (1.02MB , 1365x2048 , image.jpg )
Happy anniversary, Boxxy. :3
>> No. 108244
File 138930369481.jpg - (16.29KB , 247x248 , image.jpg )
>> No. 108245
File 138930392120.jpg - (17.65KB , 314x320 , friends36671.jpg )
I am ALWAYS glad to see Boxxy.
>> No. 108247
File 13893044442.png - (180.68KB , 640x352 , Ent-Archer-ICame.png )

I don't even...


(Pic related)
>> No. 108248
File 138930453873.png - (276.32KB , 1920x1080 , ALL HAIL.png )


>> No. 108249
File 138930655974.gif - (875.78KB , 477x358 , seizure.gif )
My only thoughts were: Shit yeah.
>> No. 108251
This was so special and I am so happy!
>> No. 108252
>Hope you're glad to see her. (:

Fucking understatement of the year.

I am beyond any expression. The smiles..the giggles. I loved it. Thank you and here's to five more years of awesome.
>> No. 108253
omg thank you so much for this :D ilu
>> No. 108254
the lighting and everything is perfect :D
>> No. 108255
As always lovin the shirt
>> No. 108257
Someone should sticky this thread and archive

(Or something like that)
>> No. 108259
good idea
>> No. 108260
>> No. 108261
File 138931368616.gif - (78.11KB , 200x200 , gc_vs_boxxy.gif )
5 years.

I feel old.
>> No. 108264
Nailed the eyeliner in this one.
>> No. 108265
File 138931702117.png - (334.99KB , 1141x720 , AngryKitty.png )

I've seen that look before.

And after further review, I'm thinking my previous post may have been a little... premature.

Meow indeed.
>> No. 108266

Um... not really.

The green screen effect is a bit sketchy, and needs work.

Everypony was much better.
>> No. 108267
I loaf this video but at the same time it makes me sad cuz I really do miss the old Myspace days alot it makes my heart ache if I think about it too much but it's comforting to know that Boxxy is in the same boat as me
>> No. 108268
Your video was very briefly mentioned in Philip DeFranco's latest video:
>> No. 108269
I love it.
>> No. 108270
>> No. 108271
File 138932263919.png - (32.16KB , 791x109 , FoarTomFrumBoxxy01-09-14-2133.png )

14 THOUSAND VIEWS in just a few short hours!

Wut. Hav. Eye. Ben. Telin. U. Bay. Bee...
>> No. 108272
Yay our lord is back
>> No. 108273
File 138933228480.jpg - (10.28KB , 300x243 , mstom.jpg )
I remember back then when I heard about MySpace. I've never been into social networking, but figured I should check it out to see what the fuss was about.

I signed up for an account, wondered who this fucking faggot "Tom" was that had somehow managed to friend me so soon, spent half an hour trying to figure out how to unfriend/delete him, and then closed my account in frustration. lel.

True story.
>> No. 108274
Okay, so I'm not that into Boxxy these days, but any true fan of Catie will smile at seeing her pull it off so well.
expect. "FOAR TOM" is an excellent conceit, and the startling ending is a great surprise.
>> No. 108275
For those of us who used and liked myspace and miss it this vid is great. Facebook blows a fat one imo compared to the prime of myspace
>> No. 108277
facebook was kind of good in 07 because it made some alternative to myspace. After 2010 it's getting worse every time. Catie(boxxy) made me think that we need a website that is similar to MS and some features of FB, combined. Only different and better.
>> No. 108278
Google plus is the way, I'd use only it, but nobody of my irl frieds do use it expect 2 people.

And for the music, there arem Spotify, Grooveschark, iTunes radio, etc...

I've seen you Catie do have a G+ account too, but it's literally completely empty :(
>> No. 108279
File 13893871759.png - (96.61KB , 959x478 , 2280.png )
frum Catie
>> No. 108281
File 13894013454.png - (247.36KB , 1280x720 , Boxxy\'sBlackBox.png )
A serious request:

Please don't use that greenscreen effect EVER again... unless you get the guys at ILM to do it for you, of course.

Really. Seriously. Don't.

In many ways it's way worse than that crappy webcam you used to make "Hey, make more videos" in 2012.

The black box you used in Foar Bois and Everypony was already perfect.

(Pic related)
>> No. 108283
File 13894019953.png - (223.97KB , 1280x720 , Boxxy\'sBlackBox(B-3C7).png )

Well... It's fairly easy to make perfect, anyway.

>> No. 108285
File 138940249417.gif - (2.00MB , 300x301 , boxxytom.gif )

Boxxy needs a tumblr!
>> No. 108289
I don't think it was a green screen at all. It was probably black or something else really dark. I saw that the background noise was not only in the black background but also the darker areas of her hair, so I think it was just recorded in a dimly lit room, then video compressed as is, then the compressed video brightness was turned up in the editing process.
>> No. 108290
hey! where is everywun!? D:
>> No. 108291
I'm here
>> No. 108292
Forum ?
>> No. 108293
We're all sitting here F5'ing waiting for Catie.

That, and talking about Ѡ's in IRC.
>> No. 108294
been waiting for catie to show up over here :P
>> No. 108295
I hope Catie isn't having trouble with the captcha ;__;
>> No. 108296
alright, sup kids.
unfortunately i can only post for an hour or so. :c <3
but how is everyone?

ima just sift through some of the posts in this thread. :3

i didn't use a green screen.

i can't even explain how badly i wish tom could see this video. xD


i really do not want to do this google+ thing.
i don't like that it's trying to make me do something. :p

oh schweet, that was nice of him.

i would be more inclined to use Facebook if you could personalize your profile a little more.
>> No. 108297
Most of us are F5'ing.

But some have fancy auto-refresh! :P
>> No. 108298
Hi Catie <3 still having fun playing wii u with your sister? Got any more games for it?
>> No. 108299
>but how is everyone?
much better, its usually easier for me to post in/keep track of a thread over here than on the forum :D
>> No. 108300
Why hello there Catie we meet again, muhahahah ahah haha *evil laughter*
>> No. 108301
Major ninja Catie! :P<3

I'm still good just getting moar tired!
How was your food? :3

MLP season 5 got announced today, are you excitedd?! :D

>>"In an interview with Hasbro Studios president Steven Davis, it was revealed that Season 5 is currently in the works."
>> No. 108302
Welcome back to /b/ Catie!
Howdy kiddo.
>> No. 108303
File 138947972656.gif - (873.90KB , 500x281 , Lbjoqa7.gif )
How many takes did you do for the new Boxxy video?
>> No. 108304
what's that? :p but srsly. XD
>> No. 108305
File 13894798016.jpg - (42.12KB , 500x501 , fanart-cosplay-fandom-base-its-a-jungle-in-there.jpg )
Soooo Catie, are you gonna get tumblr?
>> No. 108306
Catie I think the next five years will be even better <3
>> No. 108307
Have you gotten out of bed ? o.o

( ;o still in bed ;P )
>> No. 108308
What was that black background? Just curious.
>> No. 108309
>my camera died right before I could say bye!
that's funny.
At least the way Boxxy attacked the camera at the end was startling and funny to me :)
>> No. 108310
hey. so you did see last week's MLP, right? (like I said, I thot it was rly gr8 4 the most part). I started watching this week's, but there was a Game of Thrones marathon on HBO, so I'll just finish watching it afterwards. lol.
>> No. 108311
Hai Catie <3
Is new Boxxy's video is her return? Many websites were talkin about it, but for me it's new video after not such a long time.
11:35 pm and I'm hungry :c I have to eat something.
>> No. 108312
SoullessCabinet was using it to refresh this page because he's so fancy! :p

The pic is probably too big for here, so here's a link! :3

>> No. 108313
oh also Catie on the new boxxy video the balk is grainy, there are a few other "blocky" effects sorry if this has been asked before, but did u add that to make it look more 2009 ? or are the artifacts a youtube compression thing ? hides under the table
>> No. 108314
>unfortunately i can only post for an hour or so. :c <3

I'm sure we'll all grateful that you're posting at all. :p <3
>> No. 108315
we got a game called Nintendo Land. :3
it's fun.

lol i'm glad. (:

that makes me pretty darn happy.

haha, thankyuh. :3

three. o:

why does everyone think i'm going to get a tumblr? xD

:3 <3 that would be pretty incredible considering how amazing it's been.


its just some black fabric.

well thank yew. <3 :3

i did see it.
i had lots of mixed feels.
it was one of those episodes where i knew there was a LOT of problems, but i really liked it anyway.
>> No. 108316
see >>108289
>> No. 108317
i think you have more windows open than i do!
>> No. 108318
Ever "accidentally " hit your sister or friends with the wii mote ?
>> No. 108319
File 138948041358.jpg - (74.03KB , 780x629 , 1353894981802.jpg )
its not that i think you are its just that i want you too hehe :3
>> No. 108320
Take that up with SoullessCabinet!

Far too many open foar my liking :P
>> No. 108321
File 13894804963.gif - (112.69KB , 548x475 , 1388293261269.gif )
ilu Catie <3 Have you cooked anything interesting lately? I'm trying to eat healthier, but I haven't been going such a great job lately. I'm going to the store later. Anything you recommend I get?
>> No. 108322
>why does everyone think i'm going to get a tumblr? xD
Don't get a tumblr.
>> No. 108323
File 138948056966.gif - (853.36KB , 500x227 , jhyN4nP.gif )
Let's see the other takes? :o <3
>> No. 108324
Its cause im installing MirrorsEdge :P
>> No. 108325
if theres still background showing then its not enought windows!
>> No. 108326
File 138948058745.jpg - (152.79KB , 640x1136 , 8cVhPFo.jpg )
I forgot to ask how is
1) rib
2) phone
3) cough
4) star wars pjs (are they fixed?)
>how is everyone
I picked up this substituting position as a one-on-one with a 16/17 year old with high functioning autism working in a high school along with other children with behavioral disorders. Apparently the person I am subbing for just did not show up after the winter break and I may be considered for the full-time position :3 So I am pretty happy since my luck has been nothing but shit.
It also feels weird being back in a high school when 85% of the students are either as tall as or taller than me :\
>> No. 108327
>Don't get a tumblr

yes, this. Or an instagram either.
>> No. 108328
I have a cockatiel that looks like the one on the right :3
He's been having an attitude problem lately >:|
>> No. 108329
i don't really consider it her return, but it seems like every once in a while there is another wave of people that don't know that I, or she, is "back." :p

oh, no, that wasn't done on purpose. but no one has asked, so it's okay.
something went terribly wrong with the uploading/exporting process. :/

lawl, well that's kind of you to say. :3
>> No. 108330
No tumblr, but should be interesting if/when you get an instagram! :3

Thank you again for chilling & posting with us Catie, youre totes the best!:p<3
>> No. 108331
My BackGround is better than yours Marklar
>> No. 108332
Yeah, couple web pages are talking it as a return, interestingly.
>> No. 108333
Catie are you ever gonna do a photo shoot? We would love some high res high quality pictures of you.
>> No. 108334
what's so great about instagram?
>> No. 108335
Catie, is there someone who inspires you?
i mean someone who has a big influence on you? :D
>> No. 108336
Catie how was it like doing a AMA?
>> No. 108337
I've tried to get the message to myspace Tom on google plus and facebook. That would be epic if he acknowledged Boxxy.

But you know, he probably doesn't care about social networking anymore. He made his half billion dollars selling his company and retiring in his 20's and probably doesn't want to think about the internet anymore.
>> No. 108338

no. :p
you get to see one, that's how it's always been.

why for?

ehmm, i did my portabello napoleon dish the other day.
what kinds of foods do you like?

rib is all the way better, cough is lingering, phone is awesome, star wars pjs are not fixed.
that is so awesome! i assume since you're talking about it that you like it there? (: i'm really happy for you.

i heard they generally have attitude problems.
>> No. 108339
I would imagine like being on the chan/forum but times a million
>> No. 108340
>>oh, no, that wasn't done on purpose. but no one has asked, so it's okay.
something went terribly wrong with the uploading/exporting process. :/

ohh, i thought it was an extra layer you added to make it look like the vidoes back then. But i see it was youtube that screwed that up.
Lol here i was thinking, ohh look at that she added video artifacts that was the standard back in 200x-09 (perhaps until 2011 ) even
>> No. 108341
File 138948119077.gif - (53.33KB , 321x240 , kellymoltisanti.gif )
Greetings earthclan broshepardina!

Just got here, how's you going?
How was the ravioli?
>> No. 108342
>what kinds of foods do you like?

pasta dishes and pizza haha I can't seem to think of anything else at the moment.
>> No. 108343
Catie, what is best skit/song in what.? Mine is probably "We Think We Know You." or "From God's Perspective.".
>> No. 108344
Is Catie still here?

Hi, Catie.

I was going to go see a movie today but I slept late and missed it. D:
>> No. 108345
File 138948143755.jpg - (1.36MB , 2232x3000 , 1388516429273.jpg )
But EVERYONE has ALWAYS wanted to see the other take of Foar Everywun! D:
>> No. 108346
yes, i absolutely will.

uhmm, no one person in particular.
i get inspired by live performances.

it was pretty overwhelming, but a good experience.
i was shocked by the lack of negativity. o__o

you are probably correct, but still, it'd be pretty awesome. :p
>> No. 108347

I do assume she is here still o,o
>> No. 108348
she's still here.

Catie if you could do any video and not worry about any copyright claims what would you do?
>> No. 108349
This might be early to ask, but how much would those Autographed pictures cost?
>> No. 108350
>Don't get a tumblr.
>why for?
I don't have a really good reason. It is just so ordinary. Just seems pretty useless and redundant. It seems to be not much more than a place to put pictures.
There are several tumblr pages dedicated to your content anyway.
>> No. 108351
File 138948167115.png - (195.07KB , 648x546 , 100k foar tom.png )
I tweeted at you about this, but FOAR TOM just reached 100k views!

Congratulations! :D

Goodnight from England Catie!
Have a good week!<3
>> No. 108352
>i was shocked by the lack of negativity

I never been there before you did your AMA, but yes that was nice.
>> No. 108353
File 138948173061.gif - (0.97MB , 500x227 , tumblr_lxpbub4FVC1qln4e1o1_500.gif )
>> No. 108354
>i did see it.
>i had lots of mixed feels.

I was [even moar] impressed with Tabitha! did u see which voices she performed? XD

oh. what did you think of the end?

didn't Rarity, like, repay that other pony's "kindness" by, like, tricking her into working for that other designer pony for free? or how is that supposed to work?

also, in this episode, (I just saw the beginning, so this isn't a spoiler or anything...) Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie might be related... but irl, it wouldn't matter because
>> No. 108355
lol, i tried to make it seem as familiar as i could, but i didn't think about the video quality. :p wish i could say i did.

hay! :3
it was really gud.
how has your day been?

oh, well there's tons of healthy pasta dishes.
the easiest way to make a pasta dish better is to get whole grain noodles.
but if you just pick something you want to make, just type "healthy _______ recipe" into google. i had a good shrimp scampi the other night. (:

from god's perspective is really good, i also like repeat stuff.
but ugggh, that whole special is fucking amazing.

i know, but you never will. :p
that is how it must be.
i choose one over the others for a reason.
>> No. 108356
>reddit AMA
>it was pretty overwhelming, but a good experience.
>i was shocked by the lack of negativity. o__o
I think the Reddit AMA moderators are really good at what they do. They are used to big time celebrities doing AMA's all the time.
This particular one was probably a walk in the park for them because you probably have much fewer haters on reddit than many other celebs.
>> No. 108357
Also Catie, will you be doing anything fun this weekend ?Shopping ? o.o ( if u find that fun ;P)
>> No. 108358
hey... would anyone mind sending me, like, how to use different colored fonts and stuff? right now, all I know is greentext and [spoiler]
>> No. 108359
File 138948201389.png - (75.83KB , 942x942 , 130227376797.png )

You stay out of it, jerk.
>> No. 108360
>My BackGround is better than yours Marklar
nope.(well maybe, i can only see part of yours :P)
>> No. 108361
Catie are you getting close to interacting with real animals at your job? Maybe you could go to a zoo and film. it wouldn't be exactly the same as interacting with animals but it would still be fun.
>> No. 108362
>>lol, i tried to make it seem as familiar as i could, but i didn't think about the video quality. :p wish i could say i did.

LOl XD well thats the less on of today, when someone says , oh i did notice you added this or that to the video, nice level of detail etc ..
than you say yes, you are correct i did do that.. on purpose XD
<.< >.> ..
>> No. 108363
>Autographed pictures
I'm wondering about this too.
Will this still happen, Catie?

I bet last time you did autographs that was a learning experience for you? Anything notable you learned that you'll do better this go-round?
>> No. 108364
File 138948223851.gif - (441.11KB , 272x153 , 1299279369347.gif )
You only get greentext and default color on a chan, bro.
>> No. 108365
this is an imageboard, sir. there are no other fonts or colors, thank god.
>> No. 108366
File 138948233263.gif - (489.54KB , 500x263 , uiSJX.gif )
You gotta admit it's kinda funny.
>> No. 108367
aww thats too bad. D:
what movie were you gonna see?

i have so many that i currently would love to do.

it is indeed too early.

ah. i see.

that is pretty awesome. :3 thanks guys.
and goodnight!

>did you see which voices Tabitha performed?
no, who else did she play? o:
and no, i don't think she did anything tricky in the end. it was a huge opportunity. i actually thought it was kind of dumb that rarity would give it up like that, but then i remembered she's a fictional character in a show about friendship and i was like "oh, right."
>> No. 108368

only mods can red text...

(USER WAS given red text FOR THIS POST)
>> No. 108369
>> No. 108370
>star wars pjs are not fixed.

>I assume since you're talking about it that you like it there? (: i'm really happy for you.

Thank you very much :D I do like it there, I just started (this assignment) last Tuesday and it ends this upcoming Friday. But yes, so far it has been very rewarding. It is sad that he is so upbeat and happy approaching everyone in the hallways only to be indirectly rejected/ignored. I have been told by many that I have an 'intimidating' presence (idk why ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). The kid was in a general ed class and was asking help from his peers and the people sitting next to him turning the blind eye and giving him looks. I am in the corner of the classroom and just start mean muggin these bastards, needless to say, they helped him right away as soon as they saw me.
I have noticed that if I am walking in an area not with 'resting bitch face' but just an emotionless face, people tend to avoid me. It's kinda sad but w/e.
It's also fun to walk around the high school like this because we get to class so much faster, the halls part like the Red Sea when they see me walking at a brisk pace with "resting 'I'm going to murder your family' face"

But yes, thank you again. I do hope something comes from this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. <3 I'm happy for you as well :3
>> No. 108372
File 138948246811.gif - (46.16KB , 119x119 , 1342492169901.gif )
>yes, i absolutely will

that's so awesome Catie. I'm really excited for that
>> No. 108373
And that pentacorn tho :D
Now fyi I'm watching what. (for third time) and eating sweet rolls.
Also I HAVE TO GET EGGHEAD FFS. I'll probably pirate it, because it's freaking expensive :|
>> No. 108374
File 138948257041.jpg - (92.32KB , 485x673 , rANPQbv.jpg )
Catie, do you find Big Macintosh as annoying as I do?
>> No. 108375
>i heard they generally have attitude problems.
This one is bi-polar I think, lol. All of our pets are indirect rescues (not through an agency), adopted, or were just given to us (rather than doing god knows what else).
>> No. 108376
Spoilers Dx

there should be a law of sorts for people that spoil gwad
>> No. 108377
thanks for the healthy food help Catie <3
>> No. 108378
File 138948281184.png - (657.72KB , 853x480 , chris.png )

>woke up this morning
>got da blue moon in muh eye
>read your thread
>i ask kelly to fix us some ravioli like you did
>she throws a fit a bout how i should quit working for tony
>marone this woman every day with that shit
>forget breakfast, go meet uncle paulie
>he breaks mah balls about being late
>doesn't even drop me where i asked him to
>finally some good news come from carmine jr
>cleaver is done
>i feel good for 1 minute before tony calls me
>breaks mah balls about not being at the bada bing
>fogedaboutit this day is awful
>go to the bing
>2 fbi agents grill me about my club
>i can't stand this day man
>decide to go see carmine jr and celebrate cleaver
>we end up getting drunk at his little nephew's vip club
>woke up next morning (today)
>> No. 108379
thats a really good point.
you so smrat.

i will be relaxing. ;D
and also i get to see an old friend of mine. :3

i'm sure that the second i get an opportunity to interact with them, i will get to.


yes, it absolutely will still happen, and it absolutely was a HUGE learning process, which is why it's taken so long to do it again.
last time i was just like

i absolutely will not have a repeat experience for anyone. it was unacceptable.
>> No. 108380
Oh and Catie have you seen any movies this year ,P that one should not waste a dime on ?
>> No. 108381
YES! They should complete access from the internet for a month for spoiling something. My brother is the worst when it comes to this.
I was planning on playing bioshock infinite and he just comes up and says:
You know Booker __________ at the end? It is so cool, blah, blah, blah
My heart dropped and I saw red!
>> No. 108382
>no, who else did [Tabitha] play? o:

>Tabitha St. Germain: Rarity / Suri Polomare / Registration Pony
(and idk if u knew this, but she's also the voice of Granny Smith)

>and no, i don't think she did anything tricky in the end. it was a huge opportunity. i actually thought it was kind of dumb that rarity would give it up like that, but then [...] i was like "oh, right."

well, that other pony was gonna need to pay her billz, right? :p


D: but I used the spoiler tag!!! :c <3
>> No. 108383
File 13894831942.jpg - (1.30MB , 2576x1932 , stress.jpg )
Whenever you decide to do them again, don't stress yourself out too much.
>> No. 108384
hai catie

I just wanted you to know that whenever you favourite one of my tweets it gives me a fuzzy feeling inside. :3
>> No. 108385
>>i will be relaxing. ;D
and also i get to see an old friend of mine. :3

Old friends are nice to meet up people that you have not seen in some time.
I suppose you mean a friend that you have been friends with for some time lol and not some old person that you hang with ( with old i mean 75 years or older lol x3 not 30 ;p )

Also we ( this chan ) should really update its you are banned image lol
>> No. 108386
we all know that feel.
>> No. 108387
>hai catie

>I just wanted you to know that whenever you favourite one of my tweets it gives me a fuzzy feeling inside. :3

^WORD! (or "THIS" or "me too"!) XD
>> No. 108388
Dat is true.
>> No. 108389
I lol'd :D
>> No. 108390
^ Agreed
>> No. 108391
File 138948353978.gif - (0.95MB , 500x281 , Y8Cn10T.gif )
Whenever Catie favorites my tweets I die a little inside.
>> No. 108392
Yup! that's the one! :P

I melt a little :3
>> No. 108393
holy nostalgia. hard to believe that first cc post was almost 3 years ago.

welp, i need to get going. thanks for the video and coming by. it was nice to finally be around for posting again. it'd been a while.

bye catie <3
>> No. 108394
File 138948373884.png - (20.85KB , 600x700 , Keep-Calm-and-Know-You-Are-Awesome.png )
Catie <3
>> No. 108395
File 138948379064.gif - (1.00MB , 182x179 , Ax0uuq3.gif )
Straight up truf

shouldn't you be dead already then :P

Here Catie, use this gif for >>108354
>> No. 108396
File 138948382343.gif - (175.89KB , 256x142 , 1314225018595.gif )
Bye mason! I missed you too.
>> No. 108397

LOL x3

Behave children ! DX ;P
>> No. 108398
alright you guys, i gotta get going now. <3
i has lots of stuff to do today. :3
i loves you.

well, at the very least i'm going to have one outside.
i might have more than one in different areas, but it's too soon to say. all i can say for sure is that i'm going to have at least one outside of the convention center.

that was an interesting post.
i don't even... i just... lawl. that is so awesome. :3
i have a hard time believing you actually have resting i'm going to end you and everything you love face.

omg don't pirate it. D: save some money.
he released the whole special for free. ;___;

ehhh, yeah kind of.
i don't understand why he is so universally loved, but i don't hate him or anything.
i just know that if he's on screen for more than two seconds i have to tolerate a "eeyup, nnope" joke.

...i... i'm sorry. D:
i don't even understand most of what you said but it sounded awful.

you is welcome. :3
>> No. 108399
File 138948403831.jpg - (43.29KB , 226x517 , i-love-you-this-muchjanuary-2011-our-humble-abode-.jpg )
bye Catie <3 good luck getting everything done. You can do it
>> No. 108400
Bye! I hope you saw all of our fuzzy feeling comments. <3
>> No. 108401
File 138948407165.gif - (237.91KB , 200x200 , fluttershy2.gif )

Oh, hi. Sorry, I got distracted by something else. :P

I dunno. Probably Frozen, because I still haven't seen it.



Copyright, eh? Is that why you haven't done a Boxxyfied version of Pinkie's "Smile" song yet? Because that just seems too fucking perfect for you not to have thought of by now. :P
>> No. 108402
agh! k! bai, Catie! hope u get to read what I posted in >>108382 'cause I was just answering ur question! XD
I think I miss you already. :'D
>> No. 108403

>crazy breaking bad fan
>not watching sopranos
>not knowing that sopranos's Tony is the inspiration behind walter white
>oh brosefina y u do dis

Make a note and thank me later ;b
Watch the sopranos.
>> No. 108404
Okay take care Catie :3
Thank you for chatting here too :3
it was very nice to have a long nice chat today!
>> No. 108405
I'm late because i was reading all the posts on the forum.
If i had come here instead i would have caught Catie.

>> No. 108406
Bye Catie <3
Thanks for spending time with us.
>> No. 108407
Bye, Catie.
>> No. 108408
Bye Catie, have a wonderful rest of your weekend! <3 Thank you for your devotion to us :3
>> No. 108409
Buh bye, take care.
>> No. 108410
Should've gone to sleep by noaw but meh.

Night Catie!<3
Have a great week!
>> No. 108411
Is this the krusty krab?
>> No. 108412
ooh yey bawksy
>> No. 108413
File 138949326316.png - (35.71KB , 811x147 , FoarTomFrumBoxxy01-11-14-1931.png )
100,000 VIEWS... and then some...ALREADY.
>> No. 108444
so awesome.
>> No. 108500
oh my god PIPE BOMB


>> No. 108758
File 139402812017.jpg - (228.94KB , 509x617 , puhelimen fotut 250.jpg )

This is so cool!!!! keep on steamrolling Catie!
>> No. 108869
Hi Catie, I dont know if you will see this but if you do could you send me like a PO box or an address that I could send to. I bought you a birthday present and now I have no idea where to send it to!
<3 from Wills
>> No. 108870
Hi Catie, I dont know if you will see this but if you do could you send me like a PO box or an address that I could send to. I bought you a birthday present and now I have no idea where to send it to! My email is jtothewillis@gamil.com
<3 from Wills
>> No. 108871
File 139653208123.png - (317.02KB , 1717x594 , P_O_.png )
Catie's P.O. address can be found on her forum:

You won't be able to access the thread unless you sign up though, but here's a screencap of the first post in the thread (see attached pic), made by a moderator of the site. As you can see, her P.O. box address is:

>5758 Geary Blvd. #413
>San Francisco, CA 94121

If I was you, I wouldn't trust me though, so you should probably sign up on the forums (assuming you haven't already) to get it confirmed as legit before sending anything.
>> No. 108880
It's amazing that after six years, Catie can still surprise us with a great Boxxy video, and in some ways, I think this is the best Boxxy ever. The early videos made me want to know all about this intelligent, mysterious girl winking at us behind the mask. It was a dazzling joke, but THIS Boxxy is a person, a character, and for the first time, I care about her. I thought I'd seen enough of her, but now she seems like an old friend.

I love that she dropped the "my name is Boxxy" catch phrase at the beginning, and I love that she chose a topic about the web of a few years ago. This tells us a lot about Boxxy's chracter, mainly that she's getting older. She's not a child anymore. Catie's controlled performance gives us all of the quirkiness at a more relaxed mature pace.

I still believe that Boxxy's origins were influenced by Gaia, and Catie's adolescent obsession with anime, but if Catie's not talking about that, I think it's because she's taking the character in a more human, mature direction.
>> No. 109097
..sorry I'm late :/

happy anniversary! ^^
>> No. 109116
>..sorry I'm late :/
only like 6 months ;^)
>> No. 109143
congratulations on the anniversary.
>> No. 109264
File 14136199646.jpg - (18.10KB , 480x360 , unnamed.jpg )
"It's just like... Dude, you get the best barrels ever, dude. It's just like, you pull in and you just get spitted outem'. You just drop in, smack the lip... Waapah! Just drop drown... Swoopah! And then after that you just drop in, ride the barrel and get pitted, so pitted"
>> No. 109297
can't believe it's been almost a year...anyway do we ever get another Boxxy vid? or is Cammy Wammy done with her
>> No. 109366
esfores brought me here, dont turn this into a clop thread pls
>> No. 109374
>> No. 109427
happy anniversary
>> No. 109546
ty boxxy 4 eva
>> No. 109583
>> No. 109596
You used to be good so I checked you out. Dam do you suck.
>> No. 109597

Her problem lies in the fact that she thinks Boxxy has to remain perpetually 16.

Although this latest effort appeared a bit more mature, she still doesn't seem to know how to let Boxxy be Boxxy without being a silly kid.
>> No. 109653
You guys should really learn to be a little more respectful.
She doesn't have to make these videos if she doesn't want to.
She makes them because she loves what does, and she loves her fans and knows that people want to see more of her. Boxxy always seems to be in constant demand, and there are some people who like the original boxxy better as well as those who prefer the new boxxy. She has no need to make them like the old videos, and she doesn't try to act like a 16 year old in them.
What boxxy is supposed to be is spontaneous and loving and just all over the place. That's what she wants boxxy to be, and that's what she tries to portray in these videos.
>> No. 109655
idk what yall are on. foar tom is cute and funny. foar tom = best boxxy
>> No. 109666

Well she'd look pretty stupid trying to convincingly play a 16 year old when she's thirty or forty, don't you think?

Or don't you care?
>> No. 109667
no shit. 30-40 yrs old and 22 yrs old is a big difference. regardless, the video worked. it's my fav boxxy vid. so go eat a tootsie roll now you square.

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