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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 138594118748.png - (240.14KB , 800x800 , BoxxyIsDeerishess.png )
108111 No. 108111
One day awhile back I jotted down some of my thoughts about my first impressions on Boxxy's original videos. Guess it's about time I shared them.
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>> No. 108112
File 138594135773.png - (197.78KB , 800x566 , YoungBoxxyLooksLikeMelissa.png )
This is the Boxxy I initially fell in love with. Effervescence personified, and most definitely ADD apparent. She is so not a feminist, but actually presents as quite humble, vulnerable, and sincerely grateful for the kindness and comaraderie others had shown her. Her lovable, quirky behavior, driven by her youthful innocence and seemingly boundless enthusiasm immediately captured my heart. That, along with the fact that she so closely resembled, both physically, and in spirit, a very dear friend of mine who had since passed on, I couldn't help but love her. FOAR 4DD1 is, and always has been my all-time favorite Boxxy video.
>> No. 108113
File 138594157648.png - (276.04KB , 1043x777 , FoarAnt.png )
This Boxxy is more like the girl next door, going through what is probably one of the happiest times of her life so far, and she is speaking to the camera as if to her best friend. The effect was that watching her made me feel as if I actually were her best friend. Although a bit more subdued and down to Earth, she is no less lovable than in her previous video, and is just as fresh, exuberant, and genuine.
>> No. 108114
File 13859417264.png - (119.48KB , 800x600 , FoarEverywun.png )
This is Boxxy clearly having a bit of fun with her new found fame... just before the dark time. She is a little more mature, but nonetheless as amazingly quirky and lovable as ever, even as she denies her adorable ADD. Re-employing her original Moonites shirt, and her now iconic, heavy eyeliner pattern complete with her "Egyptian - cat lookin' thing", her hair, her skin, her eyes, and her smile all come together to present a truly classic beauty. As she goes on to describe and react to what she refers to as "recent events", it seems the entire world took notice, and the rest is history.
>> No. 108115
File 138594202545.png - (505.73KB , 1280x720 , Boxxy - 20percentCooler.png )
When I discovered Catiechan, I came here to see how she had been doing following her trouble with CBCR and the despicable "Anonymous" stalking debacle. I decided to start posting along with others here in order to add whatever encouragement and support that I could in my limited capacity to do so. I only hope it helped, and that we see lots more of her in the future. :)
>> No. 108118
>> No. 108146
File 138714162042.png - (369.25KB , 1432x701 , BoxxyIsClassic.png )

Drama is not real. It is mostly make-believe, and only loosely based upon real life.

Boxxy was real. Catie is only a character. So there. :p

BTW, this (Pic related) is the picture I originally intended to lead off with in this thread. An inadvertant slip of the finger sent the next one down from it instead.

Must. Pay. Better. Attention.
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