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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 138375460382.jpg - (69.13KB , 1024x768 , 20130918_135728.jpg )
108047 No. 108047
So in order to get this, I had to prove that I was her bf.
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>> No. 108049

>> No. 108050
Right but if you read the terms and conditions of it, you have to prove it. I argued and said, "do i need to send you our home made sex tape or what?" They liked that response I guess.
>> No. 108051
If this were legit,
1. Why would you feel the need to say it?
2. Why not just picture of you and Catie?
>> No. 108052
Lol whatever you say though. ^_^
>> No. 108053
File 138376695348.jpg - (45.01KB , 500x372 , 17582623cfc6deef1aeebb8d4d6fe766_width_600x.jpg )
Seems legit
>> No. 108054
Well I told them that I only have the sex tape available when on the phone and because of the vulgarity of the comment, they just wanted me off the phone at that point.

Point at the end of the day is that Boxxy touched my butt every day.
>> No. 108055
(see previous post)
>> No. 108058
>> No. 108068
He's not actually her boyfriend.

Her real bf prolly would not have her on his credit card. I would though, but whateverr.
>> No. 108069
Actually, Wells Fargo main marketing strat is advertising that you can put friends and family on these cards.
>> No. 108071
How is she treating you, SightUp breh?
>> No. 108072
I get more love from this card than Fauxy shows me. :'(
>> No. 108075
That's suck a great card!
>> No. 108707
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