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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 138180640820.jpg - (53.04KB , 710x347 , 137180874338.jpg )
107968 No. 107968
How come Catie doesn't do Boxxy's eyeliner all the way around anymore?

I think it looked vastly better before
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>> No. 107970
She's not a scene girl anymore.

...Okay, maybe a little. But not enough of one to put raccoon eyeliner on anymore.
>> No. 107972
File 138195816998.png - (283.30KB , 1024x720 , CatiePie.png )
Of course, I agree with OP.

But waddya gonna do?
>> No. 107973
File 13819589868.jpg - (40.58KB , 675x640 , image.jpg )
Because it's a really big pain in the butt to apply it every single morning, but now she's just like "Mascara!" and she's like "I'm good to go!"
>> No. 107974
cuz catie duznt kno who boxxy iz as well as we do anymoar.
>> No. 107975
testing cuz i lost mai tripcode sumhow
>> No. 107976
File 138196712129.gif - (636.19KB , 260x195 , BoxxyTrap.gif )

As much as I hate to admit it, I think this guy does a pretty good job...


The original Boxxy seemed to be soft-spoken for the most part, and in that sense, he gets it.
>> No. 107977
>> No. 107978
>doesn't know why boxxytrap is called boxxytrap
>> No. 107979
>not catching onto my point
>doesn't understand that having a penis doesn't necessarily make you a "he"
>> No. 107989
>doesn't understand that having a penis doesn't necessarily make you a "he"

Oh for God's sake
>> No. 107991


Sounds like sumbuddy bin sleepin thru biology class.
>> No. 107992

Biology is a social construct
>> No. 107997
I wish she would start filling it in again :(

she had it rounded all the way in "a letter to myself at thirteen" and she looked so cute.

I really dislike the new style. It's awkward :/
I know she's trying to differentiate new Boxxy from old Boxxy, but still... *sigh*
>> No. 107998
gender is a lifestyle.
only reason a person with a man's body can't be a woman is because their body restrains them from living that lifestyle.
if the majority of their physical characteristics are that of the girl gender, then they are more girl than guy.
gender roles are a function that has resulted from human evolution but that doesn't mean that people absolutely have to follow them.
gender is a spectrum today.
>> No. 108000
One of the things that makes Boxxy's eyeliner Boxxy's eyeliner, is the line in the inner corner of the eye that creates the impression of a cat; and it, well at least in my opinion, just does not look good if the eyeliner is not fully rounding the eye.
>> No. 108001
I like the new eyeliner. It's cute
>> No. 108002
>new Boxxy
What are you talking about? She doesn't play Boxxy since march, and you can't refer to Catie as Boxxy. You just can't.
>> No. 108009
Not him, but:
>"Old Boxxy"
The one from the first three videos (FOAR 4DDI, FOAR ANT & FOAR EVERYWUN).

>"New Boxxy"
The one in every Boxxy video that was uploaded after "FOAR EVERYWUN". Includes prominent Boxxy videos such as "FOAR SVETLANA" and "FOAR LITTLE KINKY", as well as all of the newer ones.

That's how I, and most others catagorize the videos.
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