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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 138043187352.png - (34.57KB , 636x333 , moot (2).png )
107934 No. 107934
m00t mentioned Boxxy very briefly at his 4chan 10th Anniversary panel.


>but i've never said a word to her or even publicly commented about her

History was made today in front of over 7,000 people.
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>> No. 107935
>she thinks you're mean to her

what? she never said that
>> No. 107936
She said
>only if he was nice to me
which can be taken in a bunch of different ways
>> No. 107938
File 138049755456.jpg - (375.76KB , 1200x1200 , LaurenMayberry.jpg )
"Only if he's nice to me" means "Only if he doesn't act like the rest of 4chan".
>> No. 107939
If with "the rest of 4chan" you mean gore, feticism, violence, porn, people dying and animals ill-treatment be quiet , those things are mostly on /b/ and porn-related boards such as /d/, /LGBT/ or /gif/. Moot just love the lulz, which doesn't mandatory includes the mostly shit /b/ stuffs. He's not like the majority of underage/neckbeards Anons.
>> No. 107941
File 138058920548.gif - (323.58KB , 265x265 , 1378780154861.gif )
>porn-related boards such as /d/, /LGBT/ or /gif/
>porn related
>> No. 107961
>> No. 108575
File 139131563771.jpg - (95.32KB , 768x1024 , catie_and_moot.jpg )
>> No. 108576
File 13913157169.jpg - (88.75KB , 768x1024 , catie_moot2.jpg )
>> No. 108577
Yay! These are definitely two of my all-time favourite pics involving Catie, and I'm glad to see that the two of them finally got a chance to meet up and have a chat.

I'm sure it was an interesting meeting for both, and from the looks of it, they both had a good time as well.
>> No. 108579
>but i've never said a word to her or even publicly commented about her

>m00t mentioned Boxxy very briefly at his 4chan 10th Anniversary panel.

Check the time of the post in the OP...that was well before the 10th Anniversary panel. Dumbass
>> No. 108584
File 139135679037.jpg - (7.26KB , 245x245 , 1391300185632.jpg )
She said that he was nice, also. So it's all good. :P
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