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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 138031231314.jpg - (338.91KB , 1239x685 , BreakingBoxxy2.jpg )
107927 No. 107927
Saw the latest Boxxy video and threw this together in Photoshop.
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>> No. 107928
>> No. 107933
File 138042809766.jpg - (155.77KB , 704x911 , 1380298360068.jpg )
Nice, saved.
>> No. 107937
Dear Catie,
Last night I had a dream, I dreamt that I met you in a cafe and I was very happy to see you in person. I walked up to you and your friends and introduced my self and told you I was a fan of yours. you got up and walked away without saying anything. I was crushed :( and upset. Suddenly, my alarm woke me up. Thank God it was just a dream. In case I do meet you in person some day, please say "Hi" to me. Thanks! LOL True story bro!
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