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File 138025197538.jpg - (206.79KB , 394x417 , 135149947518.jpg )
107924 No. 107924
any boxxy thread OP's been banned from /b/ yet?
noticed mods have been banning ppl ovur thar foar the most trollworthy reazuns
wot do we do m8s
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>> No. 107925
>lurk 4chan's /b/

>> No. 107926
>deleting Boxxy threads on her own board

Oh wow.
>> No. 107929
File 138032409994.jpg - (1.66MB , 2744x2640 , 1380237031950.jpg )
There was one last night. The mods were probably just bored, and fucking around. I don't think they'll ban people on a consistent basis, and i'm sure the bans are severe anyways. It was just to put some excitement into /b/ for a couple minutes.
>> No. 107930
>> No. 107931
those finnish thumbnails r hawt
>> No. 107932
>Any year
>Actually going on /b/
>> No. 107940
File 138054246358.jpg - (9.04KB , 251x218 , wat.jpg )
>not going on /b/
>> No. 107944
its nowhere near as bas as people make it to be. but id does get boring a lot of the time seeing the same thing posted EVERY HOUR
>> No. 107946
tolerate it a little and they will think itz okai
>> No. 107947
You've been banned for spamming, most probably.
Within the past couple of months, I couldn't browse /b/'s catalog withoout seeing at least one Boxxy/Catie thread. Try posting them, less often.
>> No. 107948
what the hell are you talking about
did you read a different OP?
I never even implied I got banned
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