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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 137928762212.jpg - (30.99KB , 530x530 , IMG_20130915_161511.jpg )
107889 No. 107889
She was nice and asked me to help her find a game. She was with some nerdy overweight guy who has a beard and glasses. She asked if I was a brony. God no! I told her and she and the big gentleman went about their business. I posted it on my social media. I didn't ask for a pic cuz I am not a creep. Only other famous persons I've met is weird Al and Clint Eastwood.
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>> No. 107890
I don't believe you.
>> No. 107891
File 13792988905.jpg - (48.98KB , 517x1012 , 1379292858681.jpg )
Holy frikin crap. I want to meet the queen. :L
Wish I went to vidcon.
>> No. 107892

Shes been in the store before, just thought it was a look a like. It's her. If she comes in again I will ask for a pic with her. Should I just say what's up boxy? How does she like to be addressed? Does she go to college downtown in sac? That's the only reason I could think she was there. If you don't believe me that's fine I don't expect you to without proof.
>> No. 107893
File 13793386371.jpg - (11.99KB , 245x318 , yablewit.jpg )
You didn't say anything?
Oh god...
She seriously asked if you were a bronie, I mean anything you ask her can't be more jarring than that.
Personally, I'd call her Catie, but:
From what we have seen she is very good with fans so go for it, do what you think works, you might cop a hug.
>> No. 107894
If you've really meet her at work she must have recognized who you are from this thread and so you'd not ask advice for what to do next time you meet her, bcz she'd already spotted you.

>implying she lurk this /b/

C'mon guys, let's be serious.
>> No. 107896
OP,I can tell you what I would WANT to happen, and what I think WOULD actually happen, if you're anything like me...


>"Excuse me. Can you help me with a game?"
"Oh wow! 'Catie' right? Cool, I'm such a fan. I love your new videos, and of course I love Boxxy. Anyways my name is _______, and welcome to _______, how can I help you today?
>"I need help with a game, etc...."
*help her*
OK now that I have helped you with your game, if it isn't too much to ask, I would love a quick pic.
>"Oh, OK, sure."
"Here, lemme get out my cell phone.
*stand next to her, put arm over her shoulder, take pic*
"Awesome. You're the best. Come back and see me again Catie. Again, my name is _________. Bye!"


*pretend not to notice her as she walks in*
>"Excuse me."
"Uh, muf uh yuh yes?"
>"Would you be able to help me with a game purchase, if you are not too busy?"
"Um, uh, yea, uh yeah... YES! Yeah... uh, are you looking... um, are you.. uh, what did you want? UH, I mean, NEED?! Uh, what did you like, uh, like are you like looking for like, uh what were you needing? Like a game? Uh we have a GAME! WE HAVE GAMES!!!"
>*slowly turns to another employee on duty* >"Excuse me, can you help me?"
>> No. 107897

Cool if she she comes in again I will snag a pic of us. She seemed really nice.

I've never posted on here only lurking.

So much spaghetti. Sorry I don't mean to make fun of you. That post. I can feel the awkward. I wasn't awkward around her just my friendly cheerful self.
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