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File 137842751735.jpg - (6.28KB , 225x225 , pls.jpg )
107875 No. 107875
Seeing as many of your UK fans are gonna be starting university in the next week or so (me included), i might be slightly less terrified if you did a surviving uni type video

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>> No. 107876
File 137844095157.png - (1.22MB , 1024x669 , 128042480884.png )
You might need to clutch your nads extra tight there!!!

I think Catie took this college season "off"! :)
>> No. 107888
File 137910149436.gif - (1.94MB , 640x360 , Elizabeth Dancing.gif )
It's much less interesting than high school, you show up, you learn, you go home, you do your homework. Everyone is an adult, so there is less drama, therefore less opportunities for you to pick a side, fit in, and make friends. Teachers don't chase you to do your work, you have to actively give a shit. Cheat whenever possible, doing all of your work legitimately isn't feasible for most people.
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