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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 107811
  >go to approximately 1:00
>you're welcome

Oh yeah, and I think Scene is in it somewhere or something... therefore Boxxy related.
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>> No. 107812
I dont liek this show
they stole the idea of boxxy
>> No. 107813
When Lia said that, I felt like I was getting an actual nosebleed. She is amazing just like Boxxy. The genuine happiness and quirky flavor.
>> No. 107816
File 137737667151.gif - (1.65MB , 325x226 , Idontappreciateit.gif )

...and cheapened it, and made it artificial, and stupid.

Boxxy was one in a million. She was genuine, beautiful, in both body and soul,and genuinely lovable. This imitation is far from flattering... and I really think I should stop right there.

I will, however, say that I agree with your assessment of this show. I don't like it either.
>> No. 107832
Welcome to the internet. People can steal whatever they please.

Whether or not you want to admit it, post-2009 Boxxy was cheap. It was also artificial, and pretty stupid. While I can agree that Lainey (or whatever her name is) doesn't do the most flattering Boxxy impersonation, Catie doesn't either, these days.

>> No. 107849
File 137773998890.png - (182.70KB , 902x719 , LessThan3.png )

The difference is that Catie, despite all she went through, has tried to be faithful to Boxxy, whereas these other people are clearly only trying to make fun of her, and that's why I don't like it.

There. I said it.

Here's a very poignant quote from BoxxyGate, which not only touched my heart, but I think it also touches on the reason for any difficulty Catie may have initially had in recapturing her own magic:


"Catie's dox being leaked represented both a lack of foresight and misplaced morals on the part of the CBCR. Whatever the arguments or excuses, not one of them had any right to do what they did.

The choices that were made by the CBCR deprived Catie of having a regular life... It also deprived the Internet as a whole of a major source of love and joy. Each choice that we make brings a consequence. The lesson that Eyrev learned was a painful one, and it is one that will haunt him for the rest of his life. The past is history. It can never change, no matter how much one wants it to."


But even so, I, for one, still believe in her. :)
>> No. 107850
File 137774874275.jpg - (41.21KB , 396x306 , 1377295863044.jpg )
>mfw He got banned for this post
He speaks the truth, he just speaks it with no courtesy.
Except FS.
FS wuz a great video <3
the new boxxy vidz were okai too but
I get what he means, but I wouldn't call them stupid.
I also wouldn't ban him just for him calling them that.
>> No. 107851
File 137779674492.jpg - (63.98KB , 900x881 , my_name_is_boxxy__staring_contest_by_scoziacosplay.jpg )

FOAR SVETLANA was indeed great. Technically, it was astonishing, but at the there was a strong negative reaction to Catie's UltraHyper performace. They said she was "trying too hard", and so she toned the character down. I think that's unfortunate.

Since Catie returned, she has always done Boxxy for the fans, and the demands of the Boxxy fans are never-ending, contradictory, and a bit of a straightjacket. With such a small range, it's hard to be fresh. Everybody wants Boxxy to be the same as before, only somehow different. And damned if she doesn't her best to satisfy these ridiculous demands.

Right now, it does seem like it was downhill from FS, and I find the more recent videos hard to watch. However, I sometimes wonder how "FOAR BOYS" and "FOAR EVERYPONY" will look five or ten years from now, when I haven't spent years watching FOAR EVERYWUN over and over again. And, as I sometimes have to remind myself, I found "FOAR EVERYWUN" hard to watch at first.

By all rights, this should not be something that we have to argue about. With all the hype, and all the expectation, and everything that had happened, and Catie facing a huge audience that she hadn't known before, the Return of Boxxy should have been an unambiguous disaster. During those first months of 2011, I was mentally preparing myself to forgive Catie for the shitty Boxxy video that I was certain was coming.

The old Boxxy videos were lightning-in-a-bottle masterpieces. The new ones are certainly okay. There's nothing wrong with them. The question is: How much Boxxy do we need? Catie's doing new stuff all the time.

If I was a mod, I might have deleted that post, but I wouldn't have banned the user.
>> No. 107853
well, naziwayne.com
>> No. 107854
I love Boxxy, but love Catie more.
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