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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 137559388710.png - (334.25KB , 513x567 , 1375592988882.png )
107736 No. 107736
This just happened..
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>> No. 107737

And yet, the universe has not been destroyed.
>> No. 107738
File 137559550563.png - (63.64KB , 795x213 , Screenshot from 2013-08-04 05:40:13.png )
Awww! She's having such a great time!!!
>> No. 107739
It was only a matter of time before they met face to face. I'm kind of disappointed Catie didn't try to imitate Laina's OAGF face, though.

Now we wait for her to meet Tabby...
>> No. 107740
That pic was on /b/ a while ago.

>hurr durr threesomes
>> No. 107741
File 13756053114.jpg - (115.07KB , 612x612 , 1375594545843.jpg )
This is what I have.
>> No. 107742
when did that happen?
>> No. 107745
Just found out that Rebecca Black was at Vidcon. Now THERE's a picture I'd like to see!
>> No. 107746
File 137563058936.png - (655.03KB , 602x602 , Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 10_35_30 AM.png )
>> No. 107747
She already did that in part 2 of silly face challenge
>> No. 107752
File 137565451797.png - (917.23KB , 1280x718 , BOXXY VS LAINA.png )
>I'm kind of disappointed Catie didn't try to imitate Laina's OAGF face
>> No. 107753
Catie is much prettier.
>> No. 107756
Must it always be a competition? Yeesh.
>> No. 107757
Catie has no competition :P
>> No. 107768
File 137585502462.jpg - (9.07KB , 600x337 , Catie1.jpg )
Catieeeeeeee uggggggggh
>> No. 107770
File 137588630472.jpg - (432.73KB , 1680x1050 , 4O2QrcW.jpg )
>Needing to state that Catie is prettier than Laina on Catie's Chan in the first place

>Implying that Laina is actually pretty and not creepy as fuck with and without her OAG pose
>> No. 107777
Best Thread ever.

Where was this posted. I didn't see it on her twitter........
>> No. 107778
I find Laina to be pretty actually
>> No. 107779
That's because she IS fucking pretty. I actually love her almost as much as Catie :3
>> No. 107781
File 137624330649.jpg - (21.75KB , 310x232 , 3php1z.jpg )
>All this blasphemy
>> No. 107782
File 137624496941.jpg - (34.55KB , 592x575 , image.jpg )
What are you referring to?
>> No. 107783
>> No. 107810
File 137681038889.jpg - (2.23KB , 99x125 , 1352010016057s.jpg )
>> No. 107867
I'm a bit sad about the fact that Kate videos are not as popular as Liana videos (and many other popular "youtubers"), although the former are much more creative and more fun. Why is the world so unfair? How can we help Katie to become more popular? I look and "like" her videos as often as I can, but it does not seem to help much.
>> No. 107870

>> I look and "like" her videos as often as I can, but it does not seem to help much.

It's more than helpful. It's absolutely essential. Nobody gets popular on YOUTUBE without people doing that.

But, really, don't worry about other people being more popular. As a Catie Fan, I was butthurt at the Fine Bros for their SCENE parody, and Catie herself wasn't a fan, but the Fine Brothers have elevated her to the top of You Tube Celebrity. Catie continues to triumph, not by competing with more popular YouTube personalities, but by winning them over. There's no single brass ring to compete for. On the Net, it's all about networking.

Catie and Boxxy have been around since 2008, but in my opinion, only over the past could of years have we had Catie speaking to us in her own voice. It's been moving in this direction for almost five years now. I love reading posts from early 2009 where smug bastards talk about Boxxy's fifteen minutes is up.

I've actually had a couple of girlfriends who sort of look like Lainia. She looks just fine to me, like a real girlfriend, someone to laugh and hang out with.
>> No. 108010
>inb4 tabby
>> No. 108021
>I've actually had a couple of girlfriends who sort of look like Lainia

I envy you
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