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File 13755217707.png - (241.27KB , 1366x768 , omgcatiepostedon4chan.png )
107722 No. 107722
For a thread to describe your life.
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>> No. 107723
File 137552191827.jpg - (118.35KB , 716x600 , 1375515702783.jpg )
>> No. 107724
How can we be sure that was a Catie's post?
>> No. 107725
Dunno. It sounds completely like Catie, so I figured I post it here.
>> No. 107726
That artwork is most certainly Catie's, and it's about two years old. You can find it on the official facebook fan page and on Boxxy.info.

Did she post that on /b/ today? Doubtful.
>> No. 107727
>> No. 107728
Catie didn't post that on /b/. She posted it on this chan a long time ago.
>> No. 107731
Catie didn't post that on 4chan.

Please don't get trolled so easily.
>> No. 107733
1. Age: 19
>Catie is 21, she posted that image here two years ago, as stated in this thread already.

2. Filename.
>Generally most people don't name files after themselves, unless they're on a shared computer maybe. ie "John's Homework File" etc.

3. Posted on /b/
>Catie doesn't like 4chan. She has stated that she doesn't really browse there. For a variety of reasons, one being "too much porn."

4. Posted on /b/
>Catie would probably not post there (non-anonymously) out of perhaps a fear of another civil war, fear of people hating on her, fear of people making a fuss over her in a bad way, fear of people not caring about her, respect for having her privacy somewhat restored, or simply to let sleeping dogs lie. Or she's just not interested. (I imagine it's probably disinterest at this point.)

5. If Catie were to post there as herself or Boxxy, I imagine she would start a new thread.
>> No. 108150
File 138751702890.jpg - (124.29KB , 1280x720 , 1387515496666.jpg )
>> No. 108151
The amount of trolling in this thread is off the charts.
>> No. 108180
That's not Catie, I was in the thread, and I found her on Omegle. She said that she doesn't even like Catie.
>> No. 108184
>She said that she doesn't even like Catie.
Clearly jealous.
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