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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 137486525160.jpg - (391.67KB , 1018x1266 , 134265923415.jpg )
107670 No. 107670
Evening, /b/.

Anyone know where I can find a 100% similar replica of Catie's "MOONINITES>YOU" shirt? I've been searching around for a while without much luck. The best match so far is the Spreadshirt one (http://www.spreadshirt.com/mooninites-are-greater-than-you-C3376A6925204), but the size and placement of the logo seems to be wrong. That version also features a big square print, while on Catie's original shirt it looks like everything blends in (if you understand what I am referring to). Printing my own is not an option either due to the "square logo issue".

Thanks in advance.
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>> No. 107671
File 137486600085.png - (1.85KB , 1200x350 , 135470306517.png )
Ah, the elusive Mooninites t shirt.

It has been said that the shirt was given to a 15 year old Catie from her boyfriend at the time. And he was said to have purchased it from Hot Topic, where it was discontinued shortly after.

I assume the best path to owning one is to replicate it. Here's a template that was posted here a while ago. Good luck.
>> No. 107672

Evening to you, Eurofag. Sup? I've ever wondered about it too.
>> No. 107673
File 13748676908.gif - (131.49KB , 600x600 , 1366800862230.gif )
>He was said to have purchased it from Hot Topic, where it was discontinued shortly after
Shucks. Discontinued item. That's what I feared judging from how difficult it was to find a similar looking one.
>I assume the best path to owning one is to replicate it
Well okay, it seems like that's the only feasible option I'm left with. Hopefully Spreadshirt (or whoever I choose for the printing job) won't mess it up too much. Thanks for the quick reply.
Not much, just waiting around for Catie's new video while listening to some Boxxy remixes. Lel.
>> No. 107676
File 137487961895.png - (106.79KB , 4189x1443 , mooninites you.png )
Here's an even bigger template. When it comes to printing something onto a t-shirt, the bigger the design the better.
>> No. 107677
i haz wun
and so duz vice
and anothur gurl
and doubledave
>> No. 107678
File 137490407438.gif - (198.02KB , 684x609 , Peanut-Butter-Jelly.gif )
I used CustomInk.com for a Boxxy sweatshirt I had made about a month ago. Their quality and ESPECIALLY the customer service was outstanding.

They treated me like a king. Not even joking.


Cost on my sweatshirt was about $40USD. It was a small, black and white image on a black hoody.

I don't work for them or anything, but I definitely vouch for them.

>> No. 107679
File 137490815951.jpg - (289.03KB , 628x647 , Mooninites T-shirt.jpg )
I made a Mooninites t-shirt on redbubble a couple months ago and I thought it turned out quite good (http://www.redbubble.com/people/robbiemcguigan/works/10423535-mooninites-are-greater-than-you) You can buy it there if you want.
>> No. 107682
File 137490965649.png - (78.92KB , 477x355 , Boxxy-Awesome.png )
That's exactly what I was looking for, the shirt looks great! Ordering one ASAP, thanks a bunch, you guys are awesome!

>I used CustomInk.com for a Boxxy sweatshirt I had made about a month ago. Their quality and ESPECIALLY the customer service was outstanding.
Looks like a nice shop judging from customer reviews, but sadly they only ship to US/Canada, and I live in Europe. Thanks for the tip though, much appreciated, Redbubble.com will do the trick though.

You own an original one? You lucky bastard.
>> No. 107683
Nice! Has anyone that seen it made a comment on the Boxxy reference yet?
>> No. 107684
Nawt yet.
>> No. 107685
File 137491459359.jpg - (193.36KB , 720x788 , Noonecaresaboutyourshirtsdude.jpg )
Aaaaaand there we go.

Ordered one in size M and an extra one in size L just in case the so called "pre shrunk" shirts actually shrink after washing. One of them will probably end up on a wall anyway though.

Fingers crossed that they'll both turn out good looking, and hopefully the printed on logos will last for a while as well. Thanks again, and ~$27USD per shirt (P&P included) was well below my budget.

It's such a shame that Catie can't sell the Mooninites shirts in her Spreadshirt store though (copyright infringements I assume?), as it would most definitely have been the store's most sought out item. Oh well, not much to do about that. I guess I'll make up for it later by buying something from her shop while waiting for her to start selling those wonderful signed pictures again (doubt that'll ever happen though). I'm not really a fan of most of the shirt designs that are offered there though, but I guess one of the CheBoxxy shirts would be a neat memorabilia to own.

I highly doubt anyone will get the reference where I live either.
>> No. 107686
>I'm not really a fan of most of the shirt designs that are offered there
Me neither. I wanted to buy one from there so bad, but the only kind of cool design was the Che one. I didn't want that because then people from a short distance would assume it was an actual Che Guevara shirt, and it would represent a whole different thing.

There should be a shirt design contest, even though I think they did that before...

Also, definitely copyright infringement. She could have done a royalty deal with the people from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but I doubt the shirts would meet any kind of quota the ATHF guys would set.
>> No. 107687
And good luck with the shirts. Can't wait for you to show us them.
>> No. 107688
File 13749489411.png - (174.17KB , 1280x800 , snapshot3.png )
I don't understand why you can't get a moonites tshirt through Catie's store.

Here's a moonites shirt you can get online, through Spreadshirt. Spreadshirt is the source of the shirts on Catie's site... so what's the problem?


This appears to be a US site. A couple of years ago, this shirt was unavailable in the US.
I have a moonites shirt I bought a couple of years ago from spreadshirt UK (watch out for those smaller European sizes! Luckily, I've lost a little weight)

The shirt I got is certainly a knockoff. The colors are a little off, and the design is just a little smaller in relation to the whole shirt. (of course, it's probably a bigger shirt) Still pretty awesome.
>> No. 107689
>There should be a shirt design contest, even though I think they did that before...

There was/is one.

>> No. 107690
>registration process
>> No. 107691
File 137495141346.png - (98.27KB , 276x360 , snapshot4.png )
Somebody should get one of those shirts for Pixxy.
>> No. 107716
File 137534254589.jpg - (57.94KB , 500x374 , rcol_finale_we4_9[1].jpg )
she would be like, oh my god i had a heart attack.
>> No. 107717
I ordered from a different site once
and I got the shirt but the colors were all faded and wrong

purple/a weird green :(

that didn't happen with redbubble?
>> No. 107718
Mine has the colors a little off, but I still love it.
>> No. 107797
Still hasn't arrived yet, and it's almost been three weeks since it was dispatched ;_;
>> No. 107814
File 137728389540.jpg - (294.64KB , 2891x948 , CAM00521-1.jpg )
Okay, so my shirts arrived like two days ago, and I'm very happy with how they turned out. Here's a close up of the logo (see pic). The colours were not a 100% correct, but it's really hard to tell the difference by just comparing them to pictures of an original one anyway, so who knows, they might be very similar to the real thing. The size of the logo was about right on my size-M shirt as well, and the shirts are overall very comfortable to wear. I tried to do a comparison to the one Catie wears in her picture by hanging them over my TV, but due to poor light condition and a mediocre phone camera it didn't turn out too well (see pic in next post). Anyway, that's it, I love the shirts and I would gladly recommend using this shop (redbubble.com) to everyone who wants to get their hands on a similar one.
>> No. 107815
File 137728437557.jpg - (461.04KB , 2605x1920 , rsz_1meh.jpg )
Attempt to compare to original (lel).
>> No. 107818
File 137741212222.jpg - (128.50KB , 395x500 , 135149881529.jpg )
wow fuck you guise
mine didnt look anything liek evrywun else's ITT
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