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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 137423070653.jpg - (39.07KB , 300x300 , 39853523.jpg )
107622 No. 107622
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>> No. 107623
Probably does, but posts as anon
>> No. 107639
I think I've seen (supposedly to be her) on 4chan /b/ once.
>inb4 Boxxy the Queen.
>> No. 107652
Because why would she.
>> No. 107669
Why wouldn't she?
>> No. 107796
why would she
>> No. 107799
she would why?
>> No. 107801
File 137661378911.png - (135.68KB , 1200x728 , Schermata 08-2456520 alle 15_11_52.png )
>i don't go very often to 4chan though cause sooo much porn

>> No. 107802
>too much porn

Well, there's not any to be seen outside the NSFW boards.
>> No. 107803
In fact then she talks about it with a Fanon, didn't you seen that thread on /c/?
>> No. 107809
> Catie only browses /b/
She on more then one board
>> No. 107820
Then you haven't lurked enough
>> No. 107821
Well, I only browse /fa/ and /vg/.
>> No. 107822
There's certainly not "too much" porn to the extent /b/ and porn boards have.
>> No. 107823
File 137747187217.png - (7.37KB , 191x234 , 75-blushing-.png )
>that picture
I can bet a whole fucking lot that you're the newest of newfags, fucking posting stupid Reddit may-mays sure as hell isn't appropriate anywhere on 4chan, let alone on /b/ last I checked.

>mfw that was in response to me.

I wonder if she ever actually went to /pol/.
>> No. 107824
Please go on /v/, /tv/, /mlp/ or /pol/ and screencap a post that can be classed as "porn".

The only one where it could be acceptable is on /pol/ since it's a NSFW board, but that'd still only be if it's somehow related to the topic at hand.

These are the only ones I can more or less guarantee that you won't find it, as I don't spend much time on any other board.

I hate trying to make 4chan seem like a nice place as I hate newfags, but I figure most people on here are already very familiar with the site.

Seems like there's no rule on here that prevents posting of pr0nz, though.
>> No. 107825
>Seems like there's no rule on here that prevents posting of pr0nz, though.

Rule 4.
>> No. 107826
>I wonder if she ever actually went to /pol/
She spoke about it with a nazifag on /c/ about 2 weeks ago if I remember right, lurk moar
>> No. 107827
File 137752831317.jpg - (43.59KB , 1087x1442 , The hero of Europe.jpg )
>Any post that is hateful, racist, or indecent is subject to immediate deletion.

I'd hardly call porn "indecent", but fair enough. Should be written as a specific rule or at least visibly included in rule 4.

>She spoke about it with a nazifag on /c/ about 2 weeks ago if I remember right, lurk moar
Read that post you responded to again, buddy.

[spoiler]I'm both him and the "nazifag".
>> No. 107981
File 138212518068.jpg - (548.12KB , 1024x768 , Lighthouse.jpg )
Ich bin der friunden auf Himmler und sie ist meine, der kliene pony ist toten zu er und mere. Ich bin auf das papier zu der Boxxy ist meine fragt. Sie ist der uber europa zu meine AUGEN! ZECH HEIL! Sie muss zu meine frou vergehen und der Boxxy liebe zugibt!

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