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File 137401781486.png - (1.19MB , 982x637 , 3Queens.png )
107585 No. 107585
My dream would have to be the ultimate video that everyone must see.
A collab of the 3 most memorable girls on 4chan. With this godly trio, they cannot be stopped.
The views would probably blow up in a matter of seconds or minutes.
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>> No. 107586
I'd only watch it for Catie
>> No. 107590
Cracky and Creepy aren't active anymore, instead of Boxxy who keep making her videos, with a certain frequency. Obviously Catie needs to feel the essence of Boxxy to throw herself into the caracter, and maybe this is why we have to wait months from a video to the other one. Creepy and Cracky are dead, Boxxy isn't. Btw don't worry, I think we'll see a new Boxxy video soon.
>> No. 107591
> Cracky and Creepy aren't active anymore
I know that both Boxxy and Cracky posted in 4chan, back in the day (and maybe that was their big mistake). Did Creepy ever posted there?
>> No. 107592
I meant that Cracky and Creepy are culturally dead in the mind of everyone, Boxxy is still "alive" as phenomenon and in the heart of everyone of us.
>> No. 107593
Creepy went onto Americas Next Top Model and came in 2nd place. She is now a professional model.
So Creepy isn't dead, she's still out there with Tyra Banks.
>> No. 107594
Is this true? If it is I wish I had know that. I would have watched it.
>> No. 107595
It's all true, lel.
Cracky is the only one that seems to be inactive.
>> No. 107608
File 137414182636.png - (182.54KB , 500x377 , tumblr_ltu36nKnOV1r377cko1_500.png )
I have no idea what the insult was for, maybe you don't believe Creepy went on to be a model? That I typed that Cracky has been inactive? I don't understand.
>> No. 107611
Well, there are clips all over youtube:


Also, there's a cable network called "Style" that runs marathons of old ANTM seasons all the time. I have a friend who watches these and I've seen the Creepy Chan season come up twice while visiting her at her house.

Her know your meme video:
>> No. 107612
File 137417452317.jpg - (43.91KB , 224x224 , imply.jpg )
>I have a friend who watches these
>> No. 107615
File 137418595769.jpg - (36.13KB , 400x400 , top-10-ant-farm-4[1].jpg )
Yeah, I was just jumping from one idea to the other. Creepy chan indeed moved on to bigger and better things...
As for Cracky, it was easy to compare her with Boxxy because both of them at some point directly addressed 4chan and posted there. They both have a big number of fanatics & stalkers and a number of them was unable to move on and kept talking in the fan-sites about things that were supposed to be unrelated.

I haven't seen this fenomenon in the other "4chan queens" (including Creepy, Zoe, Chloe, whatever).
>> No. 107618
File 137420637819.jpg - (110.99KB , 640x480 , e3187f0e3673e9a8bf5a573afa3f7c5e67a7bd2a.jpg )
>> No. 107697
File 13751027846.jpg - (54.53KB , 480x640 , Cracky 8.jpg )
OMG so I'm not the only one who love both Boxxy and Cracky? That's amazing :3
>> No. 107698
File 137516095059.jpg - (27.44KB , 600x398 , 1258203646669.jpg )
>> No. 107700
File 137517725451.jpg - (167.28KB , 960x640 , image.jpg )
>suddently it's 2005
>suddently it's 2009 or so

I love my country's imageboards, lel
>> No. 107987
File 138213522949.jpg - (54.12KB , 500x333 , tumblr_mm18pjoXu41s0k6u6o1_500.jpg )
she's a model, and she was also in a movie recently, and she's just moved to asia for few months. don't know what for.
>> No. 107988
Allison (creepy) is still modeling and she has a fanbase /mostly a bunch of phillipines kids who watched ANTM and started calling her Creepy Chan again, and random girls who look like her/

Cracky is gone, no one knows where she went, but she does have fans /who are very inactive tbh/
>> No. 108013
Didn't she burn her hair off?
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