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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 137386182158.jpg - (4.29KB , 261x193 , ca.jpg )
107576 No. 107576
People loved the character of boxxy because of the love she spread and the percieved freeness of some chick to invent such a spirit to share on the net. I only recently 'experienced' boxxy but why not just do some fun talkative vids on current events and uni shit we all know in the boxxy character.

Also ++ In your beach video you were covering up your chest with your hands. Instead just point the camera at your face, it's kind of offensive to some of us.
>> No. 107578
If only CC had a thumbs down button...
>> No. 107579
You get offended by strange things, albatros.
>> No. 107580
It does have a "hide thread" feature. Practically the same thing.
>> No. 107582
It's like if you are talking to a chick about your wingspan and she puts her hands over her chest implying that you were or are going to look at them and invade some sort of privacy. I know why she does it and fe but I just think it would be better to point it at the face instead.

*Btw, on a different note;my wingspan is 3.5m when I'm at full extension. Not bad huh?
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