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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 107510
  ;) I may be biased. My little girl saw Catie's videos for the first time last week and now she's obsessed.
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>> No. 107511
>> No. 107512
Crimson! Welcome!

I see that the love of Boxxy has passed from one generation to the next.
>> No. 107513
Ha! Interesting to get back into to the sphere. Riding in the car a couple weeks ago, my daughter asked me "daddy you know any good YouTubers?" lol I said "Welllll there is this one girl...." But I never mentioned it again after that.
She's now memorized most of the danielson songs and talks about Boxxy all day. It's weird to hear all of the sayings and words IRL and from my daughter of all people. Tough to keep her out of the... less-than-positive ... comments and websites, though.
>> No. 107514
Cute :) I am always doing impressions of Boxxy.
>> No. 107515
File 137280989844.jpg - (16.05KB , 480x360 , 1293509765043.jpg )
I hate it when ppl think they can be boxxy
glad to see she liekz boxxy tho i guess
>> No. 107516
File 137290388827.png - (147.82KB , 700x521 , thumbs_up.png )
Oh that's so perfect!! First Boxxy impression that didn't make me cringe!!

Children can get away with doing Boxxy impressions. After all, the original Boxxy classics are essentially a teenage girl doing an impression of a child.

I knew this was going to happen, and I'm delighted. I've gotten kind of sick of Boxxy lately. I'm still a fan, and I love ANewHopeee, but it took something like this to make it all seem new to me. This is what Boxxy is all about.

I hope Catie sees this. This is a real honor to part of someone's childhood lore in this way. She has arrived.
>> No. 107517
>> No. 107518

She's in love with a vampire...
>> No. 107520
File 137292688943.png - (330.22KB , 460x581 , ffsvamire.png )
...but it didn't work out. She was a little too dark for him
>> No. 107521
My daughter was blown away when I showed her the comment you made on her video. I kept telling her she was famous and she was absolutely glowing. She was already crazy about your videos, can't wait to see how she'll be now :)
>> No. 107545
File 137330055679.jpg - (278.86KB , 1058x850 , pollock_number-8.jpg )
I love when she says "a neeeeeeeeew video". Also when she says "I was like" and gives the face.

Sent a link to Lisa (Catie's mom), and she wrote back that your daughter was so cute, she almost cried. High praise considering the source.

I think your little actress needs a name. How about Pixxy?

Pic unrelated
>> No. 107546
> Sorrow
Never understood why Catie mentioned Sorrow when using her ASDF persona ("What if Catie returned but not under the Boxxy character? Sorrow doesn't count, Sorrow =/= Boxxy"). Was she just telling us that she wasn't the girl acting as Sorrow? Because, for a sec I thought she was acknowledgint that she was Sorrow (also, penguin of doom, wtf.)
>> No. 107553

>>I knew this was going to happen, and I'm delighted.

I don't think it's clear what I mean by this. I mean that I was certain that the time would come when fans would begin to share Boxxy with their young children, and I said so in here, and on the forum.

This is going to mean a lot to a lot of people. I think of my mom and dad, their old Elvis and Harry Belfonte records. The songs my dad would sing on car trips. People are going to remember Boxxy fifty-sixty years from now, and associate those memories with their earliest feelings of being loved. This is a big deal.

They tell me that 150 years ago, when I a little boy, probably right around this age, I would love to dance around to Harry Belafonte singing "Dolly Dawn". I don't remember dancing, but I've never forgotten the song.

And of course, now it's on YouTube, so it all ties together.
>> No. 107616
Tell Lisa that crimson says 'hi' and I'm glad she liked the video. It's been a long while since I talked to her. Pixxy sounds great and my little girl loved the name too.
>> No. 107633
Would love to see moar Pixxy if the inspiration takes her. Thanks for sharing!
>> No. 107634
File 137445699397.jpg - (223.08KB , 885x888 , 136565500411.jpg )
>"What if Catie returned but not under the Boxxy character? Sorrow doesn't count, Sorrow =/= Boxxy"
Sorry, source of that quote please?
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