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File 137211591148.jpg - (27.78KB , 500x351 , image.jpg )
107482 No. 107482
Admin Zeke here from Facebook com boxxyfanpage

in need of admins that can post boxxy related content.
currently have 1 other admin but doesn't do much. Just need people that will post some OC, shoops or whatev.
message the page if you want to help out and admin.
>> No. 107484
Being the admin of a FB page takes time and dedication. From what I saw on your page, it seems like you had more then enough time, but a severe lack in the department of dedication; s did the rest of your admins. Posting racist things, and other offensive material, detracted from what you were really trying to do - spread the LOVE of Boxxy.
>> No. 107487
Ik it was going to shit. Which is why i kicked everyone out and closed it till summer started when i have time to make things better. Turns out i got another month of summer school and i dont want to add the ther admin again. I cn hardly post now. Which is why i asked for help here. or the age will become inactive like rhe resr
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