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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 137180874338.jpg - (114.45KB , 750x600 , image.jpg )
107431 No. 107431
This pic. My miserable life. I can't handle all these feels.

You are the only girl I've still loved in my whole, fucking, shitting life, in REAL life. Seriously. You are my Queen. And this pic show perfectly what I've done in these last 4 years. I still look at your photos, smiling and loving, even nowdays. You are definitely my crush but, unfortunately, you are too famous and away from me, because you live in the USA while I'm european. So I can't even try to find you irl, to tell you that I LOVE you, to tell you that you're my Queen, and I would like to be even just a friend for you.

Bye Catie. I love you.
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>> No. 107436
That pic man, so many feels...
>> No. 107437
Sometimes in the evening, I love to listen to your videos. Not even to watch them, I just love to listen to your voice. And then I push play again, and again, and again. Until the bottom of the night. Because I like to image in my mind, that I'm telling to you "Do you love me?". And then you, with your energetic, exited voice, reply to me telling "I love you a lot! Like really, like, like, like RAWR RAWR RAWR RAWR status!". You have no idea of how many times I fantasized about our speeches, our jokes, our sex times as well...

I don't know, maybe this is embarassing for you, but I just need to tell you that you are my whole life. The only light in my dark, cruel world.

Please reply. Catie... please...

I'm obsessed with you, just let me know that you read these words...

Please. I love you. Please.
>> No. 107439
>/B/ ?
>> No. 107441
Do you mean that I had to post this on /c/?
>> No. 107443
File 137184998066.jpg - (18.26KB , 480x360 , FOAR 4DDI FRUM BOXXY 1786.jpg )
>our sex times as well
nao yur just a creep
perhaps this iz a joke
>> No. 107449
you can, why not./b/ is a better board for the picture you posted tho.
>> No. 107451
Don't repost this to /c/. It's spamming.
>> No. 107452
OP here, I still love her, sex times or not

Of course I will not do that
>> No. 107454
Ok Catie, forget the sex thing, I didn't want to be rude
>> No. 107462
File 137192282715.png - (159.05KB , 477x357 , 131071060697.png )
>forget the sex thing
I dont think itz that simpull :P
>> No. 107463
I just know I love her to death.
>> No. 107464
op, lots of us were broken, lonely and miserable people before we found boxxy. a lot of us came from a life of shambles and being pieces and boxxy became the glue that held us together.

Now while its all fine and dandy you have your thoughts and your fantasies, there are some things like your sexual fantasies you should keep to yourself.

Mentioning sexual thoughts has a tendency to scare women unless you know them well and they usually have to feel the same way about you.
>> No. 107465
Yeah, you're right. I did a terrible mistake. I know.

Catie... where are you... ?
>> No. 107466
File 137197683476.jpg - (14.21KB , 264x240 , re3.jpg )
>Catie... where are you...

better be trolling. it's her own board.
>> No. 107467
File 137198112856.jpg - (37.52KB , 960x599 , image.jpg )
I repeat again: Catieee?
>> No. 107468
What is it you want her to say, OP?

"OMG I love you too, Creeper Fanatic! Tell me more about how great I am, and how your unrealistic exaggerations of my godly perfection don't de-humanize me at all, and are totally worth trying to live up to for a random man from the internet!"?

She posts in another board. You'll likely get a response there, but a token one. i.e., "oh thanks thats very kind fanon"

I suggest you go to 4chan.org/b/ and represent your Queen there.
>> No. 107469
>I suggest you go to 4chan.org/b/ and represent your Queen there
I don't think they'll like to see another Boxxy-thread again

>She posts in another board. You'll likely get a response there
Maybe I will do it later...
>> No. 107471
File 137202346948.jpg - (8.89KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
>I don't think they'll like to see another Boxxy-thread again
You don't say...
>> No. 107473
dude...don't be so harsh towards him. at one time or another we al felt like that. that desperate feeling of just wanting to talk to her, sure once you grt the chance you realize she's a normal person and it feels more natural but at first its similar to being starstruck. like meeting a celebrity for the first time.

If you wanna go to 4chan /b/ and post Boxxy, do it bro. she still has lots of love there.

perfect example is everytime someone posts a "new queen" thread first responce is always "nah bro boxxy is queen"

I never once understood why boxxy/catie fans are always so damn rude to eaxh other. *shrug* The girl we follow teaches love and understanding not hate and putting people down.
>> No. 107475
I have never tried to desperately dump my perversions on Catie.

Thought of her as a celebrity, yes, but I still had my head about it.
>> No. 107480
File 137211048368.jpg - (10.07KB , 279x267 , TrollScore8.jpg )

I really think this is a troll. At this late date, no one who is intelligent enough to use a computer, and has been following Catie for four years, still imagines that Catie goes around saying things like "RAWR STATUS".

Either way, she's not going to respond to this, nor should she. If someone really has this kind of elaborate fantasy, and it's really that important to him, the real Catie can only destroy his fantasy, and that's when guys like this get dangerous.

But I think he's just trollin'. High marks, though.
>> No. 107486
File 13721784379.jpg - (1.01MB , 1695x1088 , awkward.jpg )

>>I don't know, maybe this is embarassing for you,
>> No. 107524
You's probably trollin', but as if that would have ever before prevented me from typing more or less long responses to 'em trolls.

So, welp, let's just first make clear that I am a teenager girl, and a bisexual, yes, but I've never felt any sexual feelings towards/caused by Boxxy, although I've always loved her. "Always" meaning 'till it came clear she was but a character of Catie's; who isn't really, well, anything like Boxxy we all know and love. Catie isn't even all that pretty without her bold eyeliner strokes surrounding her eyes.
And heck, if the happy, loving, and expressive girl wasn't real... What's there to love? Boxxy ain't real. Catie is, and she ain't nothing but a mere commoner, and by that I refer to the fact that she is not happy, loving or expressive, the way Boxxy was. Obviously, because Boxxy IS a character. Fictive character. Act.

-Your frustrations would be valid if Boxxy was real.
>> No. 107526
I disagree. From what she portrays online, Catie is quite an amazing person--positive, happy, cheerful, loving. I see many parallels with Boxxy. She's pretty much the perfect person. And you don't think she's pretty?? If I saw someone like her in real life, I would definitely have to look twice...she's amazingly beautiful.
>> No. 107531
Well I'll admit she seems to be fairly positive and/or loving and all, but not almost inhumanly positive and loving, as Boxxy is/was. I do agree that she is an amazing person, yes she is, but.. Plz do not kill me, I do not think she is VERY pretty.
>> No. 107534
Don't worry, I would never do anything like that to you. We must all be nice, like Boxxy says, even if people have different views. So boys, be nice...and girls, be nice...everyone, just be flippin nice!
>> No. 107536
File 137325329958.png - (103.48KB , 575x146 , foarlittlepinkypie.png )

>>What's there to love? Boxxy ain't real. Catie is, and she ain't nothing but a mere commoner, and by that I refer to the fact that she is not happy, loving or expressive, the way Boxxy was. Obviously, because Boxxy IS a character. Fictive character. Act.

What's not an act is the young woman whose innocent joke led to her being stalked, attacked, and threatened by countless internet sickos, and who had the courage to step out of the shadows to claim her own identity.

A queen is someone who takes a whole lot of shit with perfect grace. That's the most important part of a queen's job description. For two and a half years, Catie has hardly drawn a breath that she hasn't been criticized for. They tell lies about her. They post hate porn, some of it violent and scary, and it almost never seems to touch her. She almost never loses her cool. I would be ranting and raging 24/7.

Boxxy doesn't have courage like that. Almost no one does. When Catie came back, she had never really done anything for a large audience before, but she had become this legend. The pressure on her for that firtst Boxxy video must have been enormous. And it was all on her. No one else could bring back Boxxy.

It is Catie who takes the risks, and it is Catie who triumphs.

And how is Boxxy more expressive than Catie? How is that even possible?
>> No. 107537
File 137326066189.jpg - (18.02KB , 214x314 , meh.jpg )
>>Plz do not kill me, I do not think she is VERY pretty.

I saw someone post on Unichan that if he saw her on the street, he might not give her a second look. So what?

She's certainly a pretty girl, but it's not really her looks that makes her so unforgettable. It's what she does with her looks. It's the personality and the artistry that stand out.

Are there prettier girls? Sure, all over the place, but there is only one Catie.

I don't want to say that there's nothing special about her looks, there absolutely is something, but it's not prettiness. It's nuance, and expressiveness, and chaneability, and drama. Her ever-changing face is a kind of a miracle, but it's not a miracle of prettiness. If she was prettier, she probably wouldn't be as unforgettable, and if someone without her spirit had her face, you might never notice her.

But you do!
>> No. 107538
File 137326128234.jpg - (87.09KB , 1178x719 , image.jpg )
Omg I love you, 10/10. I'll save this text.
>> No. 107543
File 137326506816.png - (578.15KB , 1280x800 , snapshot8.png )

Just to be clear, I'm making a distinction between being pretty and being beautiful. Beautiful is larger than pretty and includes things like nuance, changebaility and drama. It's 2:30 AM, and I'm not going to bother to dome up with a definition right now. But I can name several women who are prettier than Catie, but if you asked me to name a woman who is more beautiful, I honestly don't know if i could.
>> No. 107547
Oh well. It seems like I stand corrected, although as airheaded as this may sound, I was just pretty much talking about my opinion about Boxxy's and Catie's looks.
>> No. 107548

Actually, in the context of everything else I said, I sort of agree with you. At the beginning of the Boxxy makeup tutorial, she's certainly attractive, but not really someone you'd get obsessed with over the internet.

Catie creates her own beauty. That doesn't make it less real. It took me a long time to appreciate that Catie knows more about make up than most young women. The Boxxy makeup in FOAR EVERYWUN would be over the top for a cashier at Target, but it's perfect for Boxxy, who uses her eyes to draw you into her performance. Artistry with makeup does not create "the illusion of beauty". It creates beauty. And it's not just the makeup that makes her extraordinary. It's the use of fashion, the way she looks different in every video for dramatic effect, the humor, the personal connection.
>> No. 107549
Perfectly put!
I mean, I always loved the way Boxxy's make-up and clothing was sort of goth/emo/scene, put not all the way, which also made her seem very interesting and, actually, kinda mysterious. Catie definitely did know how to draw internet's attention.
>> No. 107550
I disagree :/
I just personally think Catie is prettier without a lot of makeup...

you say at the start of the video without makeup she's not someone you'd get obsessed with, but it's the opposite for me. I like natural girls, and catie is a natural beauty, if her hair wasn't teased and I saw her of course It would be an instant crush
>> No. 107551

Well, I also like natural girls, but it's not really about who I would date. As you may know, I'm much older, but even if I was in my 20s, this is about art and beauty, and who I would date is not relevant to the real life situation.

I can't argue with another person's taste, but I'm skeptical that you would respond the way you think you would in this hypothetical. I'm reminded of the guy who said that Catie was just fishing for attention when she said she had no ass. He insisted that she has a great ass. But at the time, she definitely had no ass. She's waving it around, and she's definity cute, with a nice figure, but she has no ass. The guy just couldn't see what was there because he needed her to be his ideal woman, with the ideal ass.

Some of you probably think I'm putting her down, but part of her genius is how a healthy, attractive, everyday girl creates her own extraordinary beauty with artistry and personality and poise, and charisma. Saying that it's her genetics isn't giving her the credit she deserves. Her genetics are very fine, but she transcends them.
>> No. 107555
File 137350793469.png - (513.89KB , 1280x800 , Screenshot - 07102013 - 09:47:51 PM.png )

Let me be clear. I'm not skeptical that this girl could get you to fall in love with her. I'm skeptical that she could get you to fall in love with her ON SIGHT, i.e. on looks alone. She might have to fall back on her wit, her spirit, her intelligence, her compassion, her kindness, her great inner strength. That would certainly do the trick.
>> No. 107607
Keep it chill guys. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Catie is just a regular girl and you guys have to realize that and take her down a step from some internet goddess. Later you will realise this, dont confine yourselves and look past reality, its dangerous.
>> No. 107624
File 137430265454.jpg - (70.70KB , 500x446 , 1361859815795.jpg )
Wow...I thought i would come here and she would actually have a blog type thing...but i feel its filled with creepy old guys that are obsessed with her like yea boxxy would be the PERFECT type of person to date, but you have to realize these are videos shes not gong to respond when you say you think about banging her...shit that just got weird and creepy...creepier than my house that's haunted...wow im sorry to ruin your day guys but she doesn't want to talk to creepy old dudes...i mean how old are you guys anyways?
>> No. 107626
OP here. I'm 20, and I totally regret what I said in >>107437, if this may help in some way...
>> No. 107628
File 137432927894.jpg - (63.74KB , 894x894 , Boxxy pony.jpg )
I agree with ya.
>> No. 107630

I get the feeling that you're not reading this very carefully. I'm the one who's much older in this thread (I'm around the ago of Catie's Mom) and I was very careful about drawing the boundry.

This is me:
>>Well, I also like natural girls, but it's not really about who I would date. As you may know, I'm much older, but even if I was in my 20s, this is about art and beauty, and who I would date is not relevant to the real life situation.

It was the 20 year old OP who said creepy stuff in the beginning, but the thread but the thread evolved into more general fan stuff about halfway down. And now the OP, to his credit recants. I think he just got a little carried away. He didn't know better, and now he does. Good for him.

I hope you understand that this thread changed tone, and became standard fan fare. No one was talking disrespectfully about Catie toward the second half of this thread.

You're right, of course. It's creepy (or degrading, or, at the very least, bad manners) to talk about being sexual with someone on the internet in a way that implies that person's consent is irrelevant. Of course, it happens all the time.

But this is Catie's chan, and it's a moderated space. That kind of disrespectful shit is not tolerated, and you'll find that it's not what we're about here.
>> No. 107692
File 137495435115.jpg - (156.20KB , 373x327 , 1353039389745.jpg )
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