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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 136934985819.png - (276.52KB , 825x720 , CatiePie-Cropped.png )
107264 No. 107264
In reference to thread:

Message No. 107206

Feminism is a bane of modern humanity. Boxxy, on the other hand, is a blessing.

Whereas it is the natural, and ideal order of things that the male and female should compliment one another, feminism drives a wedge between them, and is the principal cause of the war of the sexes, the dissolution of the family, and the weakening of the human race as a whole.

Boxxy always empressed me as being extremely feminine, but not one bit a feminist, and that is what I think was the very core of her enormous appeal. In my opinion, the more feminist she becomes, the less special she will be, by losing a large part of the very uniqueness that made her so wildly attractive in the first place.

Being a feminist would never make Boxxy "awesome", it will only make her... ordinary.
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>> No. 107266
File 136936346055.jpg - (146.42KB , 641x620 , 134833236282.jpg )
r yew litrlly shitting meh?
who said she iz a feminazi?
>> No. 107268
File 136941015069.jpg - (46.46KB , 660x720 , 135707033026.jpg )

John Holmes Motherfucker.

(And I don't mean that personally, lol)

Didn't you notice my thread/message reference?

Anyway, I meant what I said. :)
>> No. 107273
I don't think you know what feminism is.

What I said, approximately, was that two of the last three videos had feminist themes.

I stand by that, particularly in the case of Foar Gurls. And besides, you don't doubt Catie's feminist credentials, do you? After "I had a car once"?
>> No. 107278
File 13694895245.jpg - (63.57KB , 312x312 , Horton_the_Elephant.jpg )

I meant what I said, and I said what I meant.

An elephant's faithful, 100%.
>> No. 107279
Although I don't think Catie has ever portrayed Boxxy as a feminist, I think that Catie may be a feminist herself. I started to think so, after watching those videos you mentioned.
>> No. 107280
File 136950185844.gif - (1.19MB , 500x281 , boxxy.gif )
We know that you mean the things you say. That was never in doubt, but meaning something is not an argument.

I don't see how there's any controversy here. FOAR GURLS is a direct statement against indoctrinating girls with the expectation to be sexy with marketing of Halloween costumes.

"I would hope that a girl wouldn't have to dress in a certain way in order to be liked."

If you don't think that's a feminist theme, I repeat, you don't know feminism is.
>> No. 107284
File 136954679654.gif - (1.94MB , 320x180 , FoarBois2-Sm.gif )

Sorry, but I know exactly what feminism is.

I described it clearly in my original post.

To put it more simply, however: Feminism is to gender as racism is to ancestry.

If you think it is anything else, or if you have been successfully taught, trained, convinced, or have simply come to believe all on your own that it is any kind of a good thing, then you are sadly mistaken... or just not paying enough attention.

Feminism was never a good thing, and I fail to see how anyone who actually believes it is could make any rational argument to the contrary.

Many people may believe that being a "religious person" is a good thing. But if one's religion promotes, or even condones, the wholesale demonization, robbery, mutilation, and murder of innocent men, women, or children who exist outside of its chosen realm (and I know of at least one that does) then no matter how many adherents it has, no matter how much it is sugar coated, lauded, or promoted in books, society, media, or even institutions of learning, that religion is still... a very bad thing.

Feminism is very much like such a "bad" religion. It is a gender-centric religion which champions the female, and belittles the male, all at the expense of not only women themselves, but society as a whole.

In 2001, "The Vagina Monologues" was (and probably still is) a very popular "play" with feminists, but is actually, as one critic put it, "an anguished cry for male love by a generation of women deceived by feminism, who now have no choice but to become lesbians." - "Feminism's Dead End" By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Another article from September 2011, titled "Feminism Is a Hate Group" sums it up rather nicely when stating, "One of the main problems with 'feminism' is that it exploits the legitimate claims of equal rights as a cloak to usher in its devisive, hateful and neurotic interests. Interests that are plainly anti-male and not at all about equal rights."


If Boxxy is all about love, then she most certainly is NOT a feminist.

In regard to your reference to Boxxy's lecture on modesty in "FOAR GURLS", I believe you are in fact confusing "femininity" with "feminism". Truly feminine girls and women (like Boxxy) are basically modest, whereas feminists are, more often than not, outright sexual exhibitionists, and organized feminism is the very force behind the extremely immodest little girls' costumes about which Boxxy there complained. Feminists are also quite often sexually promiscuous, while females who are truly feminine tend to prefer a certain amount of normalcy and a greater stability in their intimate relationships. That's Boxxy all over. She even said as much herself. ("Draw my life")

Your fond opinion of feminism changes none of this. Feminism is what it is... and what it is ain't good. By the same token, Boxxy is what she is... and what she is definitely ain't bad... at all. :)
>> No. 107285
File 136955086667.jpg - (12.93KB , 215x234 , images.jpg )

SO MUCH typing! Watch me destroy your argument in 100 words or less. Go.

If Boxxy was making a statement "in favor of modesty", that would be against Smexy, but Boxxy endorses Smexy as a valid choice for a girl's halloween costume, along with scary and silly. So you're wrong. BOOYA!

All that stuff about feminism not being a good thing is not relevant. Not what we were arguing about. I proved that Foar Gurls has a feminist theme, and you typed a bunch of nonsense to distract me from your failure to dispute my proof. Nice try.

You are a failure, 100 per cent.
>> No. 107297
File 136959434876.png - (87.48KB , 326x1637 , 133123339436.png )

>>Sorry, but I know exactly what feminism is.
It's herpa derpa derpa derpa derpa derpa. Women are scary blah blah blah.

Not it's not, Boxxyfgt.

This is feminism:

I somehow knew this would happen.
to be honest, i never intended that entire thread to blow up into a feminist sexist discussion.
i just wanted to state that he knock that shit off and leave.
but clearly that didn't happen.
of course i don't think all men are pigs.
of course i don't think all women AREN'T.

>>I'm going to post this tl;dr and then leave you to tear apart every word i say to find something wrong with it, or find anything possibly odd, or mispoken, or even intelligent.

>>the whole reason this chan was made was so i and my chan format accustomed fans could go to a chan without seeing racist, sexist, degrading bullshit.

>>because, if you would lets take a walk back through time, say two years ago.
every single thing posted, commented, blogged, or said about me was one of the three phrases:

>>she's cute, but she needs a cock in her mouth
-i'd fuck her silly to hear what kinds of weird noises she would make
-she's ugly as fuck and an annoying cunt
(mind you, me typing this does not condone anyone else saying it in a serious manner, i'm sure that's gotten across but just being cautious)

>>nevermind all the rape threats and so on, those three comments is what it really boiled down to.
only after i left did i start to see things like
"she's really pretty, and cute"
and actual compliments that weren't associated with a dick in my mouth.
but that isn't to say that those comments didn't go away
because they still haven't look at the youtube comments now, they aren't much different then they were back then

>>but there is a massive difference this time around:
i have this place.
this place made out of rainbows and unicorns and where people shit candy, because that's the way i like it.
i like the fact that i can come here, and not have to worry about someone showing a picture of some poor naked girl who took those pictures for her now ex boyfriend
not have to see disgusting shops of my face on someones body getting defiled,
not have to see shops of my face bloody and cut
not have to see my ex boyfriend with a sign that says "i fucked boxxy"

>>so, it turns out andromelk and gmaster were right
there was something i was mad about, i just wasn't thinking about it before i saw the post

>>but wait, i have an image to uphold
i can't go batshit crazy about every little post someone says something about me
shit like that gets said EVERY day.
it gets worse EVERY second
about ME
so why would i care if there is an entire thread discussing my virginity and my sexual habits?
so what if it's invasive to my privacy? so what if it isn't anyone elses business?
it's the internet
it gets said all the time.

>>i have to ignore it, lest i look like i'm caring too much, getting overly angry when it isn't necessary.

>>i wouldn't wish this on anyone
especially not to any of my fans.
so i guess, when i saw that post about not just june, but madison too
i guess i lost it.
i guess i offended some people, and for that i'm sorry. it wasn't my intention to offend.
but i hope you can understand where i'm coming from at least.

>>this post isn't meant to be boo hoo poor catie, she's been through so much.
it's meant to say
"oh, thats y she mad."

>>i'm going to leave now
because i might actually film a video today, provided i'm in the right mood, i wouldn't want to come off as pissy in the video.
i'm not going to come back to this thread, i'm not going to say anything else
because anytime i ever show any kind of emotion other than
it turns into a shitstorm.

I used to monitor the comments on Boxxy's videos during the spring of 2010, and the most common comment was "I would shut her mouth with my dick". She'd get that about ten times a day. That's a rape fantasy. Rape is silencing a woman with your penis.

Go to Unichan, and you'll see how angry it makes tough guys that Catie came back and claimed Boxxy, owned her own image, her own life. When she was gone, she was a Queen, but when she decided to make her own choices, she became a whore, to be symbolically raped over and over again in photoshopped and "fan-fiction" hate porn. They're still doing it to this day.

There are feminists who believe that women are superior, just as there are Christians who believe that the poor are morally inferior. The most obnoxious members of any group are always, by definition, the most visible, but that's not what feminism is. That's a propaganda myth that tough guys and misogynists like to circulate around the internet.

It's about support and respect for women's choices, and women's voices, nothing more.

And nothing less.
>> No. 107299
File 136960539868.jpg - (6.58KB , 426x240 , 00000001.jpg )
Y'know, I stand by my statements, but I really didn't need to be so arrogant and flamewarish over it. I need to be more like Catie, who in spite of her youth and diminutive size, is really all about quiet authority.
>> No. 107304
File 136969972113.png - (63.43KB , 1200x350 , 1362376032698.png )

You seem upset.

However, resorting to ad hominem attacks will not serve to strengthen your position, especially in the face of easily verifiable evidence which contradicts it.

First of all, let me assure you... women do not scare me. If men who oppose feminism scare you, perhaps it would help if you directed some of your energies toward finding a way to control your emotions.

Now let's move on.

You accuse me of somehow trying to derail the argument in order to... what... "distract" you? This is clearly untrue.

Our difference of opinion is basically twofold:

You are saying that Boxxy is a feminist, and that feminism is good.

I am saying that Boxxy is not a feminist, and that feminism is bad.

The primary issue is this:

You are promoting feminism, and I am pointing out its flaws.

You raise the issue of "Smexxy", and attempt to contrast it with "modesty".

Yet a woman can be modest and sexy at the same time. The two are not incompatible.

Just as a man can be both gentle and strong.

Being feminine does not make women weak. It makes them women.

The more women seek to be like men, the more they cease to be women, just as men who seek to be like women cease to be men. This is not merely an opinion, but a self-evident fact of nature.

To put this in the vernacular of chan-speak, I suppose one could say that, "feminism=faggotry".

Feminism is not sexy. It only pretends to be. Femininity, on the other hand, is quite naturally, and extremely so.

You misuse the angry post of Catie in response to the vulgar comments and other disparaging things posted on the Internet regarding her, by attempting to portray it as an example of feminism.

That is not feminism. It is righteous anger, and righteous anger is absolutely gender neutral. Feminism has nothing to do with it.

You go on to give a definition of "rape" that is so bizarre as to be almost laughable, which effectively nullifies the sympathy for your position on feminism which you clearly intended to provoke with it.

You assert that "tough guys" who called her their "Queen" in her absence were angered when Catie returned to claim her life on the net, but without any proof at all that these angry "tough guys" you refer to were, in fact, "guys" at all, and if they were, you offer no proof whatsoever that they were not simply a few odd jelly neckbeards and betafags.

Speaking as an actual, real-life "tough guy" who has never stopped loving Boxxy, should I then be "offended", or even shamed, by such a sexist, or dare I say, "anti-male", "feminist" remark? LOL. Get out of town.

Then you mention "choice". Feminism does not give women the right to choose. Basic humanity, or the simple state of being human, does that, and again, basic humanity is absolutely gender-neutral. Feminism has nothing to do with it.

You say there are feminists who believe women are superior, as if they do not represent the majority of mainstream proponents of feminism.

Here are a few quotes, taken from a source I have already provided you:

"I feel that 'man-hating' is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them." - Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor

"To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he's a machine, a walking dildo." - Valerie Solanas

"I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig." - Andrea Dworkin

"Rape is nothing more or less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear" - Susan Brownmiller

"In a patriarchal society, all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent." - Catherine MacKinnon

"The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race." - Sally Miller Gearhart

"Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience." - Catherine Comins

"All men are rapists and that's all they are" - Marilyn French

"Probably the only place where a man can feel really secure is in a maximum security prison, except for the imminent threat of release." - Germaine Greer.

Yet you say that my view of feminism is a "propaganda myth" that "tough guys" (there's that term again, lol) and "misogynists" like to circulate around the Internet. Well if that's true, then the above quotes must have most certainly come from a few "misogynists" who apparently think they are "tough guys".

Finally, you claim that feminism "is about support and respect for women's choices, and women's voices, nothing more. And nothing less."

If feminism is what you say it is, then it certainly wouldn't cause the many problems that it most obviously does. I have already described these problems in general terms for you in my original post. Further details and descriptions are freely available for your review.

Anyone can deny facts, but denial does not make those facts disappear.

The fact remains that feminism is not what its proponents claim it to be. It is not empowering. It is divisive. Femininity alone gives women all the power they need, and it does so exponentially, but without sacrificing the love of men, which they naturally desire.

And no, I wasn't referring to Christians, per se, as members of the "bad religion", because in its essence, Christianity does not promote, nor condone the murder of innocents. Any self-proclaimed "Christians" who do have simply been corrupted by Judaism, just as femininity has been corrupted by feminism.
>> No. 107305
File 13697001846.jpg - (4.53KB , 225x225 , 13438578181.jpg )

That almost sounds like an apology.

Needs work, tho.

(Pic related)
>> No. 107306
File 136971995888.jpg - (53.48KB , 1920x1080 , 00005068.jpg )
It was an apology to the chan, not to you. I just realized how dumb this is. Your ignorance is not my problem. I have no interest in pursuing this.
>> No. 107313
File 13699224991.jpg - (119.98KB , 1920x1080 , 00007123.jpg )
Wow, you're really fucking crazy.

>>Any self-proclaimed "Christians" who do have simply been corrupted by Judaism, just as femininity has been corrupted by feminism.


God, those quotes! Valerie Solanas? Do you even know who that is?

>> No. 107326
File 137000864662.jpg - (27.96KB , 175x200 , 132623760088.jpg )

>>Wow, you're really fucking crazy.

<Possible Judeo-Christian feminist detected>

>>Valerie Solanas? Do you even know who that is?

Yes. She is an American radical feminist writer, author of the "SCUM Manifesto", who is best known for her assassination attempt on artist Andy Warhol.

I also know who she isn't...

She isn't Boxxy,

And that's a good thing. :)
>> No. 107331

Calling Valerie Solanas a writer is like calling Charles Manson a singer-songwriter, or calling John Wayne Gacy a children's entertainer.
>> No. 107334
File 137008169243.gif - (792.87KB , 500x360 , AYNIL3a-500x360.gif )

Apparently, your word means nothing.

If you, as you say, think this is dumb, and you have no interest in pursuing this, then why do you continue posting nothing but mean-spirited butthurt comments to this thread?

That is so not like Beatles. :)
>> No. 107335

Pursuing this would be trying to apply logic to whatever it is you're doing here, or trying to convince you of something, or reading what you're posting. I'm not doing any of those things.
>> No. 107336

>>That is so not like Beatles. :)
>> No. 107339

That's not Beatles either.

I am beginning to believe you may be schizophrenic.

Are you?

You certainly act like it.
>> No. 107341
File 137013465584.png - (538.82KB , 938x780 , fuckyou_leopard.png )

>>Catie (a feminist) is not Boxxy.

>>John Lennon (a feminist) is not the Beatles.

Its as if these are abstract concepts to you, instead of people.

Am I schizophrenic? Why, yes! Yes, I am schizophrenic! Thank you for noticing!
>> No. 107342
>>>>>>>>>>>MAH TEAL ARROWS
>> No. 107351
File 137017885167.png - (137.21KB , 633x316 , Maybeyourejustanass.png )

Well, the reason I ask is because...

If you have no ability to enter into a civil exchange of ideas, backing up your position with logical reasoning instead of indignant posturing...

If you are unable to engage in a philosophical argument without resorting to childish insults and personal attacks...

If you cannot accept your errors in a gentlemanly manner and admit that you may be mistaken, instead of letting your ego get in the way by turning this discussion into one that is all about you (or me, for that matter)...

Then it only stands to reason that I should seriously question either your maturity, or your sanity, when you continue in this way.

But then again...

(Pic related)
>> No. 107352

You don't have any ideas. You're an antisemite and a bigot with a bunch of cherrypicked quotes you copied off the internet. I'm not going to waste time trying to engage you. "America's Next Top Model" is on!
>> No. 107353

>>If you have no ability to enter into a civil exchange of ideas, backing up your position with logical reasoning instead of indignant posturing...

>>blah blah blah

>>Then it only stands to reason that I should seriously question either your maturity, or your sanity, when you continue in this way.

Question away. Knock yourself out.
>> No. 107354
File 137018474699.png - (505.73KB , 1280x720 , Boxxy - 20percentCooler.png )

It's very simple...

>>of course i don't think all men are pigs.
>>of course i don't think all women AREN'T.


Not a feminist.
>> No. 107355

Doesn't know what feminism is.
>> No. 107356
File 137021988694.png - (1.27MB , 1198x1048 , psychedelic1.png )
I don't think all men are pigs either. As a matter of fact, I'm a man. So I guess we're all in agreement, right?

Okay, that's great! Glad we were able to work this out.
>> No. 107429
  I want to share this mainly for the benefit of others who may read this thread, because the original person who was arguing on behalf of feminism is, as many who adhere to the "politically correct" persuasion are, likely so immersed and immovably dedicated to his sorely incorrect view of this subject that logical reasoning will never prevail against it.

But then again... since it's a woman talking, people like that may just listen.


"Here is the first part of a very good series of 7 videos on "feminism"... An EXCELLENT analysis made by the beautiful, smart, worldly, and knowledgeable YouTube user ChristyOMisty. This is a real woman! - and this is GOOD stuff.

What is feminism, really? You may be surprised to find it's only the tool of a much larger, more dangerous global agenda.

FUN FACT: The term "feminism" was coined in the 1880s in France as "feminisme," a combination of the French word for woman,"femme," plus "-isme," a reference to the social and political ideologies of socialism and communism, which were also forming at the time.

Turns out that the two would be intimately linked later on in history..."

Tom Leykis (Paraphrased)
>> No. 107433
  From the same youtube channel.
>> No. 107435
According to Tom Leykis, women want to be taken.

According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 3 women will be physically or sexually abused by an intimate partner doing her lifetime,

>> No. 107444
File 137185165473.jpg - (136.70KB , 700x696 , yaaaaAA.jpg )
>>What is feminism, really? You may be surprised to find it's only the tool of a much larger, more dangerous global agenda.

Pic related.
>> No. 107447
File 137186776298.jpg - (6.77KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )

>>This is a real woman! -

Are you sure? I think she may be packing.

>>...who was arguing on behalf of feminism is, as many who adhere to the "politically correct" persuasion are, likely so immersed and immovably dedicated to his sorely incorrect view of this subject that logical reasoning will never prevail against it.

MFW you accuse me of "political correctness", and then, eleven words later, castigate me for being "incorrect".
>> No. 107470
File 137202346919.gif - (44.68KB , 480x360 , SawWhatYouDidThere.gif )

What Tom Leykis says does not alter or negate anything ChristyOMisty says in her videos I cited. Raising such an argument is nothing more than classic misdirection.

Also, the linked reference to the simple-minded, one-sided pdf WHO pamphlet about "Violence Against Women" is merely argumentum ad populum - a red herring fallacy, most especially because the arguments and statistics presented within it apply equally, if not even more so, to violence against men.

And I have taken the liberty of fixing it for you (as well as the WHO), in order to shed the light of a little well established truth on the matter.

Here is the link to the corrected document:


Take special note of the reference cited at the end. It is quite instructive.

>> No. 107472
File 137202378738.png - (272.60KB , 457x455 , Philosoraptor3 - IfBoxxyIsAFeminist.png )

First of all, this thread is not about YOU.

Secondly, one does not have to be "politically incorrect" in order to be "incorrect", or simply... wrong.
>> No. 107476

>>What Tom Leykis says does not alter or negate anything ChristyOMisty says in her videos I cited. Raising such an argument is nothing more than classic misdirection.

I didn't watch those videos, so I can't dispute that.
>> No. 107478
File 137205429310.jpg - (70.15KB , 320x320 , lvl3lcru0b.jpg )
>>First of all, this thread is not about YOU.

This thread is not about anything.
>> No. 107479
File 137205525048.png - (245.39KB , 457x455 , 137202378738.png )
the fuck?
>> No. 107496
File 137226905466.gif - (85.51KB , 700x600 , schizophrenia_brain_large.gif )

A bit of advice for you:

Most people don't share your mental illness.

It would be to your benefit to recognize that.

And yes...

This post is about YOU...

Even though this thread is not.
>> No. 107500
File 137236407187.jpg - (418.70KB , 1920x1200 , zuzhi.jpg )
Even though this thread isn't about much of anything, this post is about sushi.
>> No. 107504
File 137238889577.png - (313.47KB , 864x552 , mrbrain_head.png )
Mr. Brain Head
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