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File 136775343052.gif - (1.93MB , 500x468 , catieBat.gif )
107026 No. 107026
Catie's gon' beat the shit outta you.
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>> No. 107029
"Life goes on. A woman becomes preeminent, she's expected to have enthusiasms. Enthusiasms ... Enthusiasms ... What are mine? What draws my admiration? What is that which gives me joy? Acting!

A woman sits alone with a webcam. This is the time for what? For individual achievement. There she stands alone. But on the internet, what? Part of a team.

Teamwork ... Views, comments, likes, favourites - part of one big team. Films herself the live-long day, BoxxyBabee, Svetlana, and so on. If her fans don't post ... what is she? You follow me? No one! Sunny day, the boards are full of fans. What does she have to say? "I'm goin' out there for myself. But ... I get nowhere unless the team posts ..."
>> No. 107033
She reached 15'000'000 before u were born pal!deal with it.most of people still think that modesty > than ambition.not all think like u think.
>> No. 107034
>> No. 107040
If Catie wants to be the shit out of me, I'm sure she has her reasons.
>> No. 107043
Look at the protein powder.
Catie lifts!
>> No. 107120
lawl. Getting mad over an edit of Robert de niro quotes? Catie doesn't need you defending her everytime you see something that you think doesn't jive with what you picture as ideal "fandom". This community is a lot more relaxed, respectful & open than you may be used to but, hopefully, you'll get the hang of it.
>> No. 107126
Excuse sir, robert de niro what? i am stranger u can guess by my poor english so i never see a de niro movie in original language. Which quote do u mean ? i am a little curious now. i think i say something really common, i prefer love a person for her genuinity and modesty that for her pointless vain. if i say something also de niro say well im happy for it. probably was not a bad thought. he's not all american too btw, so if u can tell me which movie i go to see it.
ahm and, yes, i will defend her in any way i can and for all the time i can, because as i dont know what she need , u also dont know what she need, so i do it by default because i was teached to the word RESPECT, and even more respect for WOMEN, and even more respect for HER PLACE, if u are grow up without know this least bases of how to be a man, well i hope life will teach u in the future, otherwise dont be angry or dont be "lawl" if someone do something that dont match "your" point of view,but especially dont shout or cry if someone come at yur place and poo into your backyard, cause you americans are often like this, just "lawl" ok ? u show u are open to everyone, (Peter Griffin Quahog foundation clip is very explanatory about this), then u shoot the neighborohood because his children shout, or do some bad things like those people do to catie, so, dont come here to teach me respect please, first learn to do what you say, if u are relly so compassionate, u dont even have the need to write to me. i see sometimes i push too hard i see, but is stronger than me if i see someone just insult for the pleasure to do it, is not criticism, give names like "autistic" or something when u dont even know what a family with an autistic son can pass, is simply too stupid to accept, if he feel mad, is HE that is is learning how to, not me i must let it do. remember this simple thing. freedom is freedom , freedom is not LACK OF RESPECT. then if during this topic i cited some movies, i apologize in advance to the "owner" of the quote. thank you anyway.
(plus, when he (cause we are talking about only ONE person i want to remember you, probably the same of the forum, just to say) when he see he cant insult me he just fall into "you're a nigger" well, im not,but i can even feel it and i wonder how u can come to this in 2013..without feel yourself a complete and total and immense idiot.)
>> No. 107128
Plus if u (i mean not "u") have the patience to see at least TWO Catie movies before come here and leave your pointless topic, u can just understand how wrong was his message. I almost feel boring for her to listen after barely 7 years the same, fulsome things.
>> No. 107148

Al Capone in The Untouchables (1987)
>> No. 107150
>>107148 has the source reference in his video. It's a hollywood classic.

As for everything else in that extremely long post in which half of it went into unrelated tangents, look, i'll be straight with you.
Catie is a grown-ass woman. Yes, we do have a tendency of putting her up on a pedestal at times but, more often than naught, she gets treated as an equal. She's not some innocent little girl that needs someone to rush to her defense over every. single. solitary thing, especially in regards to matters that catie herself would not only not get offended over but might actually enjoy. (She is, after all, a fan of classic film.)

Neither this post from whoever posted the Al Capone quote nor that other topic that you raged in about someone's drawing was a situation that 'required' or even garnered any reason for getting defensive. We DO treat Catie with respect and with the same amount of respect that we show to nearly everyone else. It's been that way (though not to forget those few times with those few people that ended in drama that reached legendary levels.)

As for your rather presumptuous rant about "growing up" and "how to be a man", uh, newsflash for ya: i'm capable of looking at something objectively and recognizing, at the very least, when something is intended to be offensive in any way. I treat women with respect. Exactly how much do you even know about me as a person to know how I treat other people? The rest of your rant seemed to go into a highly generalized rant as you label me as being like all other 'americans', go on to make comparisons to criminals and other things that have nothing to do with me...as an individual.
You do know that people are individuals, right?
You can't judge the character of a person solely based on where they come from. That's just being rather closed-minded. The world is so much more diverse than you seem to think it is. If I see people from a nation that act a certain way, I don't think that everyone is that same way because there's hundreds of thousands to millions of people from that same nation and I've only met/seen a few of them. How can I judge an entire populace based on the behavior and character of a few?

Bottom line, you need to chill out.
Nobody was insulting her in any way. You keep jumping into topics and getting aggressive with people over things that are in no way insulting, degrading, antagonistic, or immoral in any way because of your misguided mindset that catie is some delicate flower that needs to be protected from anything that doesn't meet some standard that you have for our community.
We're a lot more mature than that (most of the time) and I'm not saying this as some sort of insult or a personal attack.
None of this is meant to be taken offensively. This is just me talking to you as if I were talking to a brother and saw him doing things that were wrong in some way and just being like "hey man, look, we need to talk."

tl;dr version for those with extremely short attention spans: "Look at these people, these human beings, consider their potential. From the day they arrive on this planet and blinking, step into the sun, there is more to see than can ever be seen, more to do... no, hold on... sorry, that's the Lion King." ~Slightly crazed non-ginger person
>> No. 107154
too long to read for a stupid person like you.
come back with the loser like you.goodbye idiot.

>> No. 107157
File 136821001686.jpg - (10.98KB , 215x185 , oprah-winfrey-you-mad-bro.jpg )
>> No. 107158
File 136821008594.jpg - (54.62KB , 370x300 , 5046091402_029de93f24.jpg )
>> No. 107160
ahah ! said from the people who said "nigger" and "autistic" and "asperger" to others? U ARE REALLY A FUNNY GUY. Thanks for your DADDY topic, and now go back on the sofa, and think to other stupidity to say, when u will not judge others, including Catie, u will be not judged. Until then, take the topic before as REAL , and try to grow up you, before talking about others. If u act like ad admin, show it, and post from an admin profile. Idiot.
>> No. 107162
it looks like someone was getting butthurted in the SELF HONOR because i talk about his country ? uh oh.. this sounds so new, from someone that cant even have a relationship with his neighbour.wake up form the dream boy, if u cant afford my topic,learn to delete words like "nigger" from your vocabulary, then u can come back and teach your lesson , schoolboy.
>> No. 107163
ahm! and.. "non-ginger" was the final cherry on the cake? to say that u respect everyone? but seriously, look yourself in the mirror man, look you as a vain defender of so much wrong things, look every single thing u say from the outside, and try to be honest, and say that you are wrong on so many ways. U can lie to yourself as long as you want, but u cant push others to believe in your lies. and regarding the "population" argument, is better i dont speak, u have to loose on almost all the way with me. and im not defending my country, because i am honest enough to admit his limits.

>> No. 107164
File 13682242383.gif - (856.70KB , 157x119 , 1367048270217.gif )
>> No. 107167
mfw u think i was the op????
>> No. 107168
1) i dont understand it was a quote, anyway someone can write it clear before, not "rwgtw3cgweDENIRO."
2)it's not me the person that attack every single thread, i defend the op in the 100% of the times.
3)i hope u mod can see between anon and anon.
4)dont be mad, and dont be dad too, just speak english, without cwt gchtec cgew hryn and like this, i think.
>> No. 107169
5) i am the FIRST who wants that here it looks possibly nice and clean..
6)post with some name..
7)please dont be mad about nationality rages, u do so many jokes on my country that we must be already died if we angry for everyone. please! be real.
>> No. 107170
and 8) defend Catie more. no matter what. no matter what "u" think. she has already had enough of this.and she was sixteen. life is one man. make she a nice place.
>> No. 107171
>> No. 107174
  K, I'll put a name up for future reference but just for this convo.
said from "the people who..."
Sorry, but I'm not "the people". I'm a singular person and this singular, individual person doesn't go around using those terms towards other people. I'm not that type of guy and I'm sorry that you think that I am solely because of where I come from. (That was the point of the whole 'mentioning the country' bit.)

As for the ginger line, that was actually another reference/quote that you didn't get. No big deal.
It's from The Christmas Special of the TV series 'Doctor Who' starring David Tennant when he first appears as 'The Doctor' in the series.
The ginger tag is a reference to an earlier scene in the video posted from that episode.
It was also brought up again when the Doctor regenerated and was played by Matt Smith when he checks his hair and yells "Doooh and still not ginger!"

...and lastly, 'I' do so many nationality jokes?
Really? When? I rarely even post in here after all these few years that the chan has been up...so when did 'I' do even half of the stuff that you accuse 'me' of doing?
...and let's at least keep it civil. Ze mods are watching and, I fear, are none too happy. If they want this discussion to end, I don't have any problem with doing so though I'd rather just talk it out in a mature and civil manner. =)
>> No. 107176
>defend Catie more
You lost me, there.
>> No. 107178
>> No. 107263
"Catie is a grown-ass woman"
cmon man... :) she's just a baby ! :)!
>> No. 107855
I like that gif. Catie's very pretty
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