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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 136736098355.png - (300.08KB , 450x451 , IMG_0758[1].png )
106984 No. 106984
Heyy Catie, I watch all of your videos on youtube and i love you :P <3 I think you are really cute and was wondering if we could be friends after we get to know each other!! :DD
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>> No. 107016
File 136767565945.png - (64.60KB , 285x276 , tghrtryj.png )
You are now aware that Boxxy will never be your friend
>> No. 107017
File 136767682093.jpg - (4.15KB , 259x194 , BoxxyLovesEverywun.jpg )

Boxxy loves everybody. Boxxy is everywun's friend.
>> No. 107114

True, but you can lie to yourself all you want, you can't really "be friends" with her through her vlog unless you're cray cray. I'd absolutely love to be friends with her too.
>> No. 107115
The sad truth.
>> No. 107116
Stick around for long enough and you will get to know Catie, and she will get to know you, I think that's called building a friendship ? And even if its only over the i-net, im very sure that people can become good friends over the i-net.
>> No. 107191
Of course there are limits. but I'm amazed at Catie's personal touch.

A little story:
I'm older, and I don't like chasing after Catie, so it was really my own fault that Catie never spoke to me for a long time, and eventually, it started to bug me. It had been a couple of years. So it builds up over time, and eventually I told Boxxmom that I thought Catie hated me. Again, the reality is that this was all on me.

Well, Boxxmom convinced me that Catie was very much aware of me, and likes when I stick up for her (that made me proud) and after a while, I got a shout-out from Catie.

Not an automatic one the same day. A thoughtful one, very sincere, and very classy, too. Nothing forced that would have embarrassed me for being a jerk.

And then I got another shout out!

How genuine is Catie? More genuine than we have any right to expect.
>> No. 107214
are you ugglybabee or richard?
>> No. 107230
it's ugglybabee all the way.
>> No. 107231
Who the fuck is Richard?
>> No. 107237
holy shit, dick out of nowhere.
>> No. 109389
I'd fuck Richard
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