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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 136042931081.jpg - (12.83KB , 109x206 , tpb skulls.jpg )
106039 No. 106039
Does anyone posses a pink or green skull on The Pirate Bay? If so would you be willing to help with a Boxxy related project?
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>> No. 107275
File 136947832329.jpg - (42.57KB , 727x545 , anonymous-pirate-mask-dec_6c573.jpg )
Yarr, mateys! A vile and filthy pirate has hijacked BoxxyQuest, and is using it for his own dastardly purposes! He even claims to have compressed the audio making the distribution HALF the size that it once was… Vile and stinky I tell you! We must band together to deny him his bandwidth… Hurry, go to this page and download it before he succeeds in spreading this bastard far and wide across the high seas! I even saw him offering it to Chinese and Arab bootleggers to sell in their shady bazaars, alongside countless other black market wares. I saw it with my own eyes I did!

>> No. 107282
he made it a smaller file size so people with weaker internet download speeds can get it easier.
the fuck is the problem?
>> No. 107283

I don't think there's a problem. This looks to me like a humorous announcement of where to download the torrent. I was also confused.
>> No. 107864
File 137813888526.png - (204.26KB , 1016x900 , torrent5.png )
This was a few months ago.
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