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No. 100418
  ohaythere. happy valentines day. <3
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>> No. 100420
File 132927673449.gif - (402.56KB , 640x360 , woah.gif )
Catie!!!! omg <3 how are are

(haven't watched video yet)
>> No. 100421
i'm alright.
i just finished uploading the video.

been watching sxephil while i was waiting for it to happen, and now his voice is narrating my thoughts.

how are you? :3
>> No. 100422
omg the video is amazing!!! I'm doing great. Thank you for the video.

and happy valentines day
>> No. 100423
you're very welcome and a happy valentines day to you too. (:
>> No. 100424
as amazing as always Catie,and you look so great too. I love the shirt
>> No. 100425
did you get lots of valentines Catie? Did you do anything special today?
>> No. 100426
priyanka really did help pick it out. O:
>> No. 100427
obligatory comment.

? <--that's for loner
>> No. 100428
lol I know :3

damn I'm just so happy Catie!

hhhnnnggggg watching the video again
>> No. 100429
Catie you saw the valentines thread right?

>>/c/59402 we all love you so much!
>> No. 100430
i did not get any valentines today. o:

i went to school and uploaded this video for you guys. only one of those things are special. but i thought you would like it.

WOO. <3
>> No. 100432
Catie you got some valentines on /c/ <3

>but i thought you would like it.

>> No. 100433
File 132927783755.png - (108.26KB , 320x240 , XAnqt.png )
>> No. 100434
Your new video was as enjoyable as always :) Made me feel happy inside :L Was just about to go to sleep and then I noticed that you had uploaded a new video and I had a brain smash :O
>> No. 100435
Your new video was as enjoyable as always :) Made me feel happy inside :L Was just about to go to sleep and then I noticed that you had uploaded a new video and I had a brain smash :O
>> No. 100436
>i did not get any valentines today

o_0 How is this possible?

OMG I love the new video though! <3
>> No. 100437
as in little kinky nathan?
that would be weird of me. :|


awwww. :3
>> No. 100438
i like it, some pretty funny parts :D
that is a very, very cute bow, btw
shirt is cool too, priyanka must have quite good taste
hope you had/have a great valentine's day
pocky definitely seems like a great friend
i know i certainly had a nice day thanks to forby
he's pretty amazingly special too

i need to go to sleep, but i just wanted to say i thought the video was very nice, thanks for uploading :3
night catie
>> No. 100439
Catie it's good you got it spend time with priyanka. I hope it cheered you up.
>> No. 100440
well i'm sorry i caused a brain smash, that sounds anything but pleasant. D:
>> No. 100441
File 13292781491.png - (130.89KB , 382x305 , orangepoogy18.png )
>dis video

are you sitting on a squeaky chair or something catie LOL

good vid tho
>> No. 100442
File 132927819954.png - (233.08KB , 500x282 , tumblr_lxx2wzYRuG1r4x9soo1_500.png )

Catie you look good in this video.
Some cute parts

Eyeliner still not right.
Lighting still not right.
Still no Mooninites.
>> No. 100443
why thank you masonprof. :3 <3
i hope you have sweet dreams.

it did, i loaf her. :3
>> No. 100444

Lmao! No in this context it was good :D
>> No. 100445
Pros: foar Pocky, outfit is great, felt pretty sincere

Cons: Eyeliner looks weird and bad to me, parts of it seemed overexaggerated, the part about the unbeatable Mario Party team dragged on a bit

Initial impression: It was pretty good. You're getting closer to the quality of your old videos. If you didn't make videos so ridiculously infrequently, you could probably have perfected this already. This video was pretty good though. Keep it up.
>> No. 100446
Thank you Catie! <3
>> No. 100448
i am sitting on a squeaky chair, nothing i could do about that. D:

pros; YAY
-eyeliner is staying like that, deal with it broham. o:
-boxxy cannot wear mooninites on valentines day.
>> No. 100449
Catie I'm going to have this video on repeat for hours :3 it's so good
>> No. 100450
But seriously, thank you Catie. Thank you for making something of this Valentine's day for me. :D :D :D
...I'm seemingly forever alone forever. :/
I Love you. I really love you.
>> No. 100452
>> No. 100453
I liked the lighting and eye liner <3 it's great
>> No. 100454
File 132927857621.jpg - (142.45KB , 745x839 , 1322600119620.jpg )
Catie, I want to say.

I LOVED this video. While it's not MAGIC like FE was, your Boxxy is DEFINITELY getting back to Classic Boxxy.

and..and, I know we've been a pain in the butt lately. But Remember, there are those of us that still care and support you. We know you're not perfect, and I don't know about them. But I am okay with that.

THANK YOU for the new video and Happy Valentines day.
>> No. 100455
i thought you didn't like me anymore...

thank you for your thoughts.

joor welcome.

awww thank you. <33
happy valentines day.
>> No. 100457
:D:D:D i sat the alarm now, 5 in the morning cuz i thought there was a chance u would post today :P
Brb firing up teh pc, this is nothing my phone can handle!!
>> No. 100458
Queen you always look so pretty all the time how do you do it?
>> No. 100459
Lol! Your sense of humour is amazing Catie, are you aware of this?
>> No. 100460
True, I'm not really a fan of you anymore, but that could change. I still hang around the sphere so I keep up with what you're doing. More of this, less of Little Kinky and of the ridiculous infrequency of your videos and bad moderation of your sites, and I might become a fan again.
>> No. 100461
you sound and look so different from the last video again...
dat mystique! :]
>> No. 100462
AHHH! Awesome video, Catie! :'D Thanks for the Valentine's Day gift!

D'awww, it's about time Pocky got her own video.. from what you've said of your guys's friendship, sounds like she really deserves it. <33

...So many boxes in the background.. was this filmed in your basement? o.o XDD
>> No. 100463
another awesome video from our Queen.
>> No. 100464
im so glad you liked it. :D

WOOO. i try so hard. thank you. :3

thank you for saying that, i really appreciate it. i do know there are people who still care about me and love me. (: <3

ghillie how are you a psychic?

i am not pretty all the time, and i'm pretty sure lots of people would agree with that statement. :p
but i usually am wearing makeup in those videos. i'm actually gonna go out on a limb and say in 100% of the boxxy videos i'm wearing makeup. o:
>> No. 100465
File 132927913624.jpg - (16.43KB , 400x400 , boxxy_by_dadju64guy.jpg )
great job catie
looking cute as ever
>> No. 100466
>> No. 100467
>-eyeliner is staying like that, deal with it broham. o:

May I ask why? It doesn't look bad but it doesn't feel right.

>-boxxy cannot wear mooninites on valentines day.

But she never wears it anymore.


That's just a minor thing. It looks better than FLK did.
>> No. 100468
File 132927916767.jpg - (9.34KB , 200x193 , images (12).jpg )
^^ win video was win
Good job
>> No. 100469
this is wonderful.
>> No. 100470
I liked the video, Catie.

>> No. 100471
>i am not pretty all the time

NOW WAY!! Queen that's not true. You are pretty ALL the time
>> No. 100472
<3 ya!!
>> No. 100473
well, continue to post with respect and i don't have a problem with you hanging around. (:

>its about time pocky got her own video

she is a super duper friend. (:
and no, its not in my basement or even at my own house lol. it's somewhere else. >>
yeah, the people that own this room have the best boxxy lighting i've come across so far, so until i find better lighting thas where my boxxy videos will be filmed. <3
>> No. 100474
File 132927938611.gif - (222.37KB , 396x269 , 1329082136665.gif )
the lighting is great
>> No. 100475
File 132927951058.png - (30.49KB , 493x400 , 132523899649.png )
>ghillie how are you a psychic?
I dont know D: I just are
>> No. 100476
Has she seen this video yet? If she has, what does she think of it? And if she hasn't.. I hope she enjoys it! You've made it very clear that you appreciate having her as a friend :3
>> No. 100477
>well, continue to post with respect and i don't have a problem with you hanging around. (:

Oh boy.

Probably your best boxxy vid since your return.
>> No. 100478
Wished foar a v-day vid. Got a v-day vid. Life is complete. <3
>> No. 100479
why arent you on TC with us?
>> No. 100480
Queen what has priyanka been up to lately?
>> No. 100481
File 132927970444.png - (31.91KB , 472x404 , 3.png )
yep, i second this... its pritty daem good, ima watch it again :D
>> No. 100482
The lighting is good in that it is reminiscent of your old Boxxy videos :) Do you like have the place to yourself while you film? Surely that would be awkward if other people were around you :L
>> No. 100483
File 132927972644.png - (86.25KB , 250x250 , ITSBEAUTIFUL.png )
Catie! Yessssss!
I love the video, it feels like FLK-style boxxy about a less-controversial subject.
I'm glad you didn't let the drama keep you away from making videos, keep doin' what you're doin'.

(also, you still should totally stop by Tinychat sometime.)
>> No. 100484
These videos always make me happy. <3.
>> No. 100485
oh thank you. :D <3

although i'm glad that seems to be the top "complaint" (for lack of a better word) :3

yay, glad you think so. <3

because going around the full eye like that closes the eye, and boxxy wants to have bigger eyes. i might tamper with it a little, but i don't think the racoon rings around the eyes will be coming back. i think "everyone" is just so used to seeing them because its all they had to see for two years.

there has been three boxxy videos since i came back including this one. it is not the last boxxy video that will ever be made. what does "never" mean? D:

oh good, i try.
>> No. 100486
aw this video made me think of zoe
>> No. 100488
File 132927993572.jpg - (16.79KB , 480x355 , zoesad.jpg )
>> No. 100489
Queen I'm going to be up all night watching this video :3 it's perfect
>> No. 100490
File 132928006463.png - (88.67KB , 480x360 , 06657.png )
Thank you for trying to fix the lighting. Maybe you could give your old Kodak camera a try? The colors in this video are really unflattering. It's almost as if you're in a bog. ): You can also try editing the colors in post-production.
>> No. 100491
she hasn't seen it yet, i just told her it was up.

well thank you, i'm glad you liked it. (:

thats really more of a question for her. D:

lol yes. it makes me feel weird to be boxxy in front of people. though almost every time someone recognizes me they make me quote her. lawl.

>stop by tinychat sometime
>tinychat sometime
i need specific dates.
not tonight, for i have no webcam. (laptop is still ded)

yaaaaaaaaaay. <3
>> No. 100492
Is school still going good Catie?
>> No. 100493
Thank God Drifter partially approves! I'd be lost without his input. His posts were more epic than the new video.
>> No. 100494
File 132928027828.png - (17.60KB , 501x334 , 1327005732952.png )
lol, who cares about teh colors, i see a bawksy, happy bawksy, talking 1 thing foar 4 mins ^^

Shes truely a master of talking about something id say for 10 sec, for 4 mins haha ^^
>> No. 100498

Fair enough on most points. I know Boxxy doesn't need the Mooninites, but it is an iconic part of the character.

Imagine if they made three more sequels to Indiana Jones and he didn't wear the fedora in any of them. That's kind of what I am trying to say.

Still besides these little nitpicky things, I have to say it was way better than FLK and FS, and gives me hope that you'll continue to improve.
>> No. 100499
>i need specific dates.
Um....Doesn't that usually end bad for you?

But it would be cool to see you on there again sometime. <3

Maybe this time, I can actually be there when you are and not have to watch it on youtube.

<3 you
>> No. 100500
whuh, yes i do. D: i swear i said thank you. /scan
the reply to >>100447 was for you i think...

yeah i'll try, but i don't think it's a matter of the camera. there was a weird setup at my old house that i haven't been able to replicate.
when i get a better editing program, this will probably be what i end up doing.

aww, i'm glad you like it. (:
>> No. 100501
Haha! That must be so annoying :/, I would find it hard to act properly as I would feel soo aware that they were there! Which would also make it hilarious as how would you keep a straight face? :L
>> No. 100502
File 132928047924.jpg - (1.43MB , 3072x2304 , P1010030.jpg )
just wondering if you saw my compliment Catie.
anyways, keep it up! the word of Boxxy goes strong.

pic related, its me saying HAI!
>> No. 100503
specific dates? i dunno, i can't really input any ideas. people are in there pretty much every evening/night, so i'd say whatever day you feel like it.

and thanks again for taking the time to get on formspring last week, it answered pretty much every question on my mind at least.
>> No. 100504
It's really nice to have you back. I just hope the newfags from 4chan doesen't fuck it up too much.
>> No. 100505
hah. I love the messy background. Very reminiscent of the old Boxxy videos.
>> No. 100506
yes it is, thank you. :3

no, as a matter of fact it's the other way around.
saying "sometime" or "soonish" (SOONISH DUN DUN DUUUN) ends badly for me. specific dates are good. o:
>> No. 100508
Did you tell her in advance you were going to make this video for her, or is this a Valentine's Day surprise? XD

Because I was supposed to already have gone to bed by now! ^^;;
>> No. 100509
File 132928080895.png - (2.99KB , 100x100 , 1326853119212.png )
>eyeliner is staying like that
Besides that, it's ok. Good work with the lighting, still not perfect but hey you're improving :)
>> No. 100510
How does it feel to be the Queen of the Internet?
>> No. 100512
well let us know when you get your laptop fixed and then we can try to set a date. can't suggest one now if we don't know when it'll be possible c:
>> No. 100514
brb gais, i'm gonna stalk the relationship of sxephil and his gal lindsay. thurs a really cute video that she made for him for valentines day and gives me as a single person hope. :3 super sweet.

i usually pull it off alright.
it's not like they ask me to recite the whole video but i'm sure you can guess some of the quotes they want me to say.

okay, i'll consider this and i'll give a specific date when i get one.


iknorite? :3
>> No. 100517
File 132928108394.png - (576.61KB , 1920x1080 , maybe this is too dark now.png )
>when i get a better editing program, this will probably be what i end up doing.

Yay. Adobe After Effects is a great tool for editing colors, but making the lighting look genuine is a difficult task. pic related, I did this in 5 minutes. It's not great. In fact, it's probably worse. But you get the idea.
>> No. 100518
yay :D I'll wait for you <3
>> No. 100520
File 132928121921.jpg - (8.74KB , 263x191 , images (31).jpg )
btw :) check formspring, i posted a question like : "ITS VALENTINES DAY TODAY!" some time ago

i rly is psychic... ima do... stuff
>> No. 100522
Catie, do you like the idea of using .GIFs as a banner of [b/? What do you think of the new banners in general? They rotate now.
>> No. 100523
You will find someone one day, atleast that's what I tell myself :L
>> No. 100524
>eyeliner is staying like that, deal with it broham

new vidya iz awesummm,best valentines day evurr.
>> No. 100526
New video made me smile, thank you Catie <3
>> No. 100529
File 132928177588.jpg - (64.43KB , 640x480 , walter.jpg )
>> No. 100531
>failing dubs on CC
>> No. 100532
i sence that jwagzz uploaded a vid right now, psycicness
>> No. 100533
  Catie Jwagzz made a video just for you.

>> No. 100536
File 132928209291.jpg - (44.00KB , 600x423 , 1329099734240.jpg )
Catie! I am in Canada on the west coast and never catch you when you're posting so here's my shot! Really really well done, I loved it!

I loved the new video. I felt you captured the spirit perfectly. Easily as good as the original 'trilogy'. You've already had ANewHopeee, this is Boxxy Strikes Back!

Happy Valentines Day! I'd draw you a picture but I'm too lame with colors. How are the boys not all over you at school?! Is that why you are so busy, chasing them off?!
>> No. 100537
File 132928209958.png - (387.87KB , 1536x1172 , 1327003612424.png )
Go on tinychat on Sunday, February 19, 2012, After 8 PM Cali time.
>> No. 100538
i asked her if it would be alright if i made her a video, i just wanted to make shore. lawl.

uhm, i wish i understood why they were changing the banners, or where they come from and stuff. o:

you're welcome. <3

awww, it was really cute.

im sure its true. O:

i must get an editing program soon so i can practice with it. O:
i feel is only way to learn.
>> No. 100539
File 132928219656.png - (152.28KB , 334x310 , orangepoogy2.png )
hey catie, orangecitrus is a big fan of yours, what do you think of her?
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