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File 129945744441.png - (25.48KB , 300x300 , lawlogo.png )
1 No. 1
This board is for Boxxy news and discussion only.
Keep it nice and keep it legal.
>> No. 265
The report system is your friend.
>> No. 349
Starting to move off-topic threads to >>/m/
If your topic disappears, and it wasn't CP or any thing like that, it's most likely in there.

>> No. 1800
Active threads will be moved to /m/.
Spammed threads will be deleted, and accounts banned for an hour to a day.
>> No. 2368
Nevermind. Instead, /c/ will change its original purpose.
/c/ is now for positive, loving fans' discussion.
It will be more heavily moderated, so if you don't like that sort of thing, just avoid it.
>> No. 3728
Surprised nobody has found it yet (to my knowledge). Rules are posted, subject to change, for now, at http://chan.catiewayne.com/news.php?p=rules
>> No. 12839
Please, refrain from posting anybody's personal information. Thank you!
>> No. 107295
Please remember to read the rules before posting. Thank you! http://chan.catiewayne.com/news.php?p=rules
>> No. 109830
Dear Fanons,

Per request, all boards have been locked. We will update you on the situation as it changes. Thank you for your patience.

The Admin.

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Email here your suggestions/questions/complaints/appeals.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and boxxy falsehood.
Only a troooooll or hater would take anything posted here as valid. <3