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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

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File 139863956431.png - (5.34KB , 279x289 , remix.png )
108936 No. 108936 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Well, this is my first post. Just wanted to say hi.
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>> No. 108948
a new boxxy remix? awesome.

the whole boxxy remix thing seemed to die out a while ago, im glad people are still doing it.

what program do you use?
>> No. 108989
It's Audacity. A nice program to do some audio stuff
>> No. 109157
How's the progress on this?

File 140763392964.jpg - (3.71KB , 264x191 , boxxy.jpg )
109145 No. 109145 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I was ripping off boxy first!
(no pic of me its cuz im ugly)

File 140756586058.png - (550.04KB , 639x426 , boxxyislove_boxxyislife.png )
109142 No. 109142 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Yes indeed.

File 14075616164.jpg - (2.56KB , 284x177 , boxxy.jpg )
109141 No. 109141 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
ive been doing it longer then fauxy

File 137413631413.jpg - (39.32KB , 512x391 , image.jpg )
107606 No. 107606 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What do you think about Fauxy?
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>> No. 107789
Wow, even has the sausage fingers.
That's pretty convincing.
>> No. 107792
File 137652930319.jpg - (44.60KB , 400x600 , Boxxy&4chan.jpg )

>sausage fingers

I know, right?

Also - Upper boob :D

Pic Unrelated... Or is it?
>> No. 109136
File 140755917649.png - (25.00KB , 135x90 , boxxy lookalike.png )
here it goes...

File 140507058024.jpg - (57.12KB , 512x462 , image.jpg )
109085 No. 109085 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>mfw http://youtu.be/Zxl3kK2Mv_0 has been made by a compatriot of mine

Ciao /b/ :3
>> No. 109135
ueue kittamurt

File 140524009669.png - (79.86KB , 482x540 , Boxxy Patch Final.png )
109094 No. 109094 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I just made this patch design. What do you guy's think?
>> No. 109095
>> No. 109096
File 14053193506.png - (73.21KB , 482x534 , Boxxy Patch Final.png )
Just made a small edit, the upper banner was too high so I changed it.
>> No. 109134
File 140744606566.jpg - (139.32KB , 800x533 , IMG_1265.jpg )
Just had it printed up.

File 140546641630.jpg - (83.24KB , 768x1024 , 1405456098085.jpg )
109098 No. 109098 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I would like this pic shooped to look creepy, see next post for example.

Anyone with photoshop skills would be very appreciated.
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>> No. 109131
> staring at the negative
Enjoy your nightmares
>> No. 109132
File 140719491070.png - (1.00MB , 1077x1439 , sweetdreams.png )
>> No. 109133
this is pretty cool

Is it really just a negative or was there any more editing done to it

File 140548401446.jpg - (50.64KB , 298x596 , coming-soon-pic.jpg )
109101 No. 109101 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
"coming 2016"
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>> No. 109118
No. This guy is either delusional, or a con man playing an angle. I remember at one point Tay Zonday was supposed to be in this, but when the YouTubers React to Boxxy video came out, Tay had no idea who Boxxy was, even though they were supposed to be in a movie together.

And that's a big part of the problem with this idea. The memes don't seem to know who the other memes are. I'm a person who is a huge fan of an internet meme, posts on her site, and I haven't heard of half these people. In order to really get a handle on this subject matter, you need to be a 4chan regular, or a regular to know your meme.

This would probably be a nice idea for a webseries, but this is supposed to be a big A list mass audience popcorn movie. It's crazy.

This reminds me of this story


Catie's going to be in better movies than this, but this isn't even a movie. It's just bullshit. She knows the situation better than I do, but at this point, knowing what I do, I'd stay away.

>>Untitled Rick Roll Sequel (20??)
>> No. 109127
File 140687529711.png - (421.37KB , 778x459 , snapshot1.png )
>>So I did some googling about Andrew Fischer, the producer of Rick Roll. His biggest credit previous to this is playing "Officer 1" in Ulterior motives" a movie that I couldn't find in Google (I gave up after 6 pages) Most of his other credits are for appearance as "himself" on several news shows around January 2005, for his major claim to fame, which is selling off advertising space on his forehead. Yep he's the Forehead Guy!

Catie's probably already written this off, but there's no reason for her to publicy say so. It could always come back to life, and even acting in a terrible movie could be valuble experience and exposure. If the Forehead guy's movie flops nobody's going to blame her, but right now, shes got something better going with discovery networks.
>> No. 109129
that ain't no forehead that's a fivehead

Legit size for an ad

Nobody's probably going to watch this movie, and even so, it's a documentary so Catie will be playing herself in an

>action fantasy feature film starring an ensemble cast of viral video stars


File 140479920384.jpg - (1.08MB , 2937x2320 , Tashi Boxxy pic.jpg )
109081 No. 109081 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Natasha (six) was making fun of me for being in love with Boxxy and drew this picture of me saying "I love you" to Boxxy.

Just for the record I'd like to point out that though my arse is not that big, my biceps are definitely to scale.
>> No. 109128
I put a one year old in front of Foar Everywun once. She watched for a few moments, pointed at the screen and said "Baa baa black sheep!"

File 140415480265.jpg - (515.84KB , 702x742 , Boxxy CCCP2.jpg )
109070 No. 109070 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Soviet Boxxy! All hail the Boxxy Motherland!
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>> No. 109111
>> No. 109112
File 140624703458.png - (21.33KB , 504x650 , 1401459151248.png )
>> No. 109126
>>We all know that sphere is more lefist than rightist, so is there anyone who belive in God,has right-wing political view and like Catie ?

YES, DEFINITELY. But I'm not naming names.

File 140635633715.jpg - (104.37KB , 640x480 , IMG_1264.jpg )
109113 No. 109113 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hello Catie, my name is Mckenzie and I am a huge fan! I love you when yourself though not Boxxy. I love Catie, but Boxxy is always getting in the way of Catie. Catie is just as funny and just as beautiful without all the make-up! Boxxy is a lesser version of Catie. I think Catie should stop hiding herself. I know people like Boxxy more and Catie knows that, but who cares who they want you to be just be yourself because your better that way. Ignore those nasty comments and be the real you CATIE NOT BOXXY! I am a huge fan and hoping you will email me back! You are very funny and beautiful CATIE and I really love your videos where you are being your normal self! Love you forever please write me back. Thanks!
>> No. 109117
File 140654859662.png - (249.72KB , 1100x670 , Boxxy-IsNotHot-2.png )
My long considered theory:

Boxxy always thought she was homely, so she hung around with the homely kids. When it became obvious that she was actually beautiful, the homelies got jealous, and likely ridiculed her for being beautiful. She then, out of some kind of twisted feeling of shame, tried to ugly herself up again in order to "save face".

Very unfortunate.

BTW... this thread belongs in "c"
>> No. 109119
>Boxxy always thought she was homely
I remember she posted on Gaia that she thought she was average. I think that would still be underrating herself, but I don't think she ever really considered herslf ugly. And most of her friends aren't that bad either.

File 140521619728.jpg - (73.22KB , 599x870 , 1405204940837.jpg )
109091 No. 109091 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Who knew Boxxy could sing?
>> No. 109092
is this some kind of sick joke
>> No. 109102
File 140554100035.png - (182.17KB , 492x399 , RH0muZl.png )
Shit, she's good aswell
>> No. 109120
Have you forgotten 3v3 already or are you all just raging newfa... riends

File 136736744284.jpg - (27.05KB , 530x530 , IMG_20130424_190829.jpg )
106988 No. 106988 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm sorry. I think I'm just obsessed with you. I found you on "Teens React" last week and I just can't stop watching your videos. Everyone thinks I'm a creep because I go around saying "My name is Boxxy" With the best imitation I can make. Anyways, I hope you had a great birthday! Stay beautiful, love you!
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>> No. 109082
page 13 bump

WTF my 4chan pass doesn't work here?
>> No. 109083
>> No. 109093
is this some kind of sick joke

File 140314752994.jpg - (159.98KB , 1920x1200 , image.jpg )
109020 No. 109020 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Let's try something new, if you were to make a Boxxy-like character what would his/her name be? And why? I'll start mine would obviously be DeezyDudee, why?
A. My initials irl are D D.
B. Deezy is kind of my nickname among family and close friends.
C. It's like BoxxyBabee you see?
Your turn /b/
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 109059
Tommy looks just liek Bo Burnham.
>> No. 109087
My name would be Faggoatsy and I'd be obsessed with a snotty annoying bitch
>> No. 109089
Quality posts as always, son.

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