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108123 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 138674276634.jpg - (85.61KB , 993x370 , useethatshit.jpg )
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>> No. 108127
this. and its usually more than one...
>> No. 108141
What is there to discuss.
That's depressing.
>> No. 108142
File 138706413241.jpg - (20.40KB , 256x256 , 1381297794385.jpg )
mfw those are my posts

File 138703686939.jpg - (75.95KB , 1920x1200 , img11.jpg )
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eh merrr gerd berksi
>> No. 108138
File 13870370476.jpg - (154.41KB , 1920x1200 , img7.jpg )
berksiiii ebin hahaha

File 138602381913.jpg - (9.38KB , 259x194 , download.jpg )
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/r/ images from boxxy
>> No. 108119
for or of boxxy?
>> No. 108120
Boxxy or Catie?

Either way, this thread might be of interest to you: >>>/c/333

File 13855807964.jpg - (97.10KB , 1166x655 , 1379967718055.jpg )
108097 No. 108097 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Catie doesn't actually use this anymore, does she?
>> No. 108098
only on chan week
>> No. 108110
Catie mostly posts in /c/, and not in /b/, because she's catie and not boxxy.

File 138541017768.jpg - (39.27KB , 500x313 , 0c6ea08fa5d02ddf7dbaa5ae546126913938827100e8f1762d.jpg )
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Post your favourite Boxxy/ Boxxy related pictures.
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>> No. 108105
File 138572269366.jpg - (69.51KB , 800x767 , BoxxyLaughsInTheFaceOfYourFaggotry.jpg )
my favourite
>> No. 108106
File 138573590257.jpg - (389.33KB , 1589x600 , FOAR4DDI (0min1sec) [+remastered] #Smile.jpg )
Well, I'm not sure if I have a clear favourite, but ONE OF my favourite Boxxy pictures of all time is something as simple as the screencap of the smile that started it all. The screencap of Boxxy's first smile on tape in other words. Turned out all she needed to mesmerize me was one single second of my time. Video related as well.
>> No. 108108
Oh right, can't post pictures and videos in the same post on these boards.

*Adds video*

File 138555009010.jpg - (19.90KB , 310x310 , 1003010_10151744715324640_1971115110_n.jpg )
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why you do this boxxy?
>> No. 108095

File 13832414318.jpg - (241.22KB , 1600x999 , 1383232684982.jpg )
108038 No. 108038 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Let's get a Boxxy facts thread going on, guys. Everything you know shall be written down!
>> No. 108039
Also, facts about Catie as well!
>> No. 108040
>> No. 108041
File 138325848011.png - (536.82KB , 1280x720 , 2KYOOT.png )


There's a /c/ board for that.

Just sayin'.

File 137633484978.png - (66.02KB , 453x279 , ReleaseTheBoxxy.png )
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Pic Related.

That is all. :)
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>> No. 107862
File 137806065297.gif - (1.90MB , 188x180 , Outside the In Crowd1-Small-Short.gif )
The Boxxy is strong with this one...
>> No. 107982
File 138212543212.jpg - (606.34KB , 1024x768 , Tulips.jpg )
Sie hast der uber kasse gehaben, sie ist nicht eine frou sie ist eine uberhunden mitt der zehr grob brust auf der rotenhartz. Sie ist im meine baum und woe bist der harre im meine hause.

Der Fransulich ist tot zu mere, alle der Fransulich gelb ist Boxxys.
>> No. 108085
File 138517312070.jpg - (92.26KB , 1002x750 , Prophesy.jpg )
A prophetic /b/last from the past.

File 138479856199.png - (619.85KB , 861x503 , Capture.png )
108076 No. 108076 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Get in here.

/b/ is voting, are you?
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>> No. 108083
>implying a queen is just voted for
>implying it will make a difference to anyone
>> No. 108084
File 13851725596.png - (891.21KB , 1400x1600 , BoxxyGets.png )
This was already decided a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.
>> No. 108121
File 138608923657.png - (1.82MB , 1231x1140 , queen of -b-- - Google Search.png )

File 138003675886.jpg - (27.29KB , 447x552 , 1264886072091.jpg )
107913 No. 107913 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Have you all said your prayers to our almight lord, Based Boxxy?
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>> No. 108042
>> No. 108043
Of course. Boxxy is the only god I acknowledge
>> No. 108061
based boxxy you are precious amen

File 137559388710.png - (334.25KB , 513x567 , 1375592988882.png )
107736 No. 107736 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This just happened..
23 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 107870

>> I look and "like" her videos as often as I can, but it does not seem to help much.

It's more than helpful. It's absolutely essential. Nobody gets popular on YOUTUBE without people doing that.

But, really, don't worry about other people being more popular. As a Catie Fan, I was butthurt at the Fine Bros for their SCENE parody, and Catie herself wasn't a fan, but the Fine Brothers have elevated her to the top of You Tube Celebrity. Catie continues to triumph, not by competing with more popular YouTube personalities, but by winning them over. There's no single brass ring to compete for. On the Net, it's all about networking.

Catie and Boxxy have been around since 2008, but in my opinion, only over the past could of years have we had Catie speaking to us in her own voice. It's been moving in this direction for almost five years now. I love reading posts from early 2009 where smug bastards talk about Boxxy's fifteen minutes is up.

I've actually had a couple of girlfriends who sort of look like Lainia. She looks just fine to me, like a real girlfriend, someone to laugh and hang out with.
>> No. 108010
>inb4 tabby
>> No. 108021
>I've actually had a couple of girlfriends who sort of look like Lainia

I envy you

File 137813757996.jpg - (71.59KB , 640x480 , 130293234115.jpg )
107863 No. 107863 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I think I'm gonna make a Boxxy avatar for Second Life.
>> No. 107874
Look at how cute boxxy is.
>> No. 107887
i want to have her email or something :(
>> No. 107966
I is girl for fox on that thingy :3

File 137401781486.png - (1.19MB , 982x637 , 3Queens.png )
107585 No. 107585 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
My dream would have to be the ultimate video that everyone must see.
A collab of the 3 most memorable girls on 4chan. With this godly trio, they cannot be stopped.
The views would probably blow up in a matter of seconds or minutes.
15 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 107987
File 138213522949.jpg - (54.12KB , 500x333 , tumblr_mm18pjoXu41s0k6u6o1_500.jpg )
she's a model, and she was also in a movie recently, and she's just moved to asia for few months. don't know what for.
>> No. 107988
Allison (creepy) is still modeling and she has a fanbase /mostly a bunch of phillipines kids who watched ANTM and started calling her Creepy Chan again, and random girls who look like her/

Cracky is gone, no one knows where she went, but she does have fans /who are very inactive tbh/
>> No. 108013
Didn't she burn her hair off?

File 138180640820.jpg - (53.04KB , 710x347 , 137180874338.jpg )
107968 No. 107968 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
How come Catie doesn't do Boxxy's eyeliner all the way around anymore?

I think it looked vastly better before
15 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 108001
I like the new eyeliner. It's cute
>> No. 108002
>new Boxxy
What are you talking about? She doesn't play Boxxy since march, and you can't refer to Catie as Boxxy. You just can't.
>> No. 108009
Not him, but:
>"Old Boxxy"
The one from the first three videos (FOAR 4DDI, FOAR ANT & FOAR EVERYWUN).

>"New Boxxy"
The one in every Boxxy video that was uploaded after "FOAR EVERYWUN". Includes prominent Boxxy videos such as "FOAR SVETLANA" and "FOAR LITTLE KINKY", as well as all of the newer ones.

That's how I, and most others catagorize the videos.

File 137423070653.jpg - (39.07KB , 300x300 , 39853523.jpg )
107622 No. 107622 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
16 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 107826
>I wonder if she ever actually went to /pol/
She spoke about it with a nazifag on /c/ about 2 weeks ago if I remember right, lurk moar
>> No. 107827
File 137752831317.jpg - (43.59KB , 1087x1442 , The hero of Europe.jpg )
>Any post that is hateful, racist, or indecent is subject to immediate deletion.

I'd hardly call porn "indecent", but fair enough. Should be written as a specific rule or at least visibly included in rule 4.

>She spoke about it with a nazifag on /c/ about 2 weeks ago if I remember right, lurk moar
Read that post you responded to again, buddy.

[spoiler]I'm both him and the "nazifag".
>> No. 107981
File 138212518068.jpg - (548.12KB , 1024x768 , Lighthouse.jpg )
Ich bin der friunden auf Himmler und sie ist meine, der kliene pony ist toten zu er und mere. Ich bin auf das papier zu der Boxxy ist meine fragt. Sie ist der uber europa zu meine AUGEN! ZECH HEIL! Sie muss zu meine frou vergehen und der Boxxy liebe zugibt!


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